Celine Dion: A relative of the singer breaks the silence and gives her news

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This Friday, February 10, the biographer of Celine Dion gave news of the singer. Discover his confidences.

  Celine Dion: A relative of the singer breaks the silence and gives her news

Last December, Celine Dion announced the disease from which she suffers on the Web . The artist was contrainte de reporter la date of his concerts. It is a difficult ordeal for the artist. For several months, she worked with the writer Laurence Catinot-Crost, with the aim of write a biography in his name . This Friday, February 10, this one gave news of the international singer . We tell you everything.

Celine Dion suffers from a rare disease

Celine Dion canceled many concerts because of his state of health.

“I have had health problems for a long time and it is not easy for me to deal with them. It saddens me enormously to have to tell you that I will not be ready to start my tour in Europe again in February, ”she confided on her Instagram account last December.

As a reminder, the artist admitted last December that she suffered from a rare neurological disorder . This is called Stiff-person syndrome, also known as stiff-person disease. A pathology that causes painful contractions in the muscles .

The singer is dealing with muscle spasms that affect their daily and professional life .

“These spasms affect my everyday life. I sometimes have a lot of difficulty walking and I can't always use my vocal cords to sing as I would like,” she says.

According to her older sister, Claudette Dion, the singer is currently undergoing treatment in the United States .

“She is surrounded by specialists,” she declared on January 30, 2023, in the Journal de Montréal.

The project that Celine Dion has been preparing for over a year

The singer's fans are wondering when she will come back to the front of the stage . It turns out that Celine Dion is working on her biography with French writer Laurence Catinot-Crost.

Their cooperation started more than 18 months ago . In an interview, Laurence Catinot-Crost confided:

'At first, I didn't believe it, and I still ask myself to this day, 'why me?' I've been working with Miss Celine Dion for a year and a half. Since then, every day, I “live” with her. There is a lot of communication between us. I received a lot of information from him. »

That said, the writer did point out that the biography on the singer was not going to unveil any drama about the artist .

“I want to make it clear that this will not be a flashy biography. There will be no scandals or stains on Miss Celine Dion.

Nevertheless, she promises interesting revelations about the Canadian star .

“There will be some scoops, yes, at least confidences, all these things that allow people to review their way of perceiving the artist. »

Laurence Catinot-Crost appreciates the personality of the artist . According to her, he is “a person well anchored in his land. She knows who she is, where she comes from. It's important to her.'

Despite her fame, Celine Dion knew “keep it simple, with a childlike soul. She exudes a lot of love, which is why people still love her back. »

This book will be released “before the end of summer 2023” . This will discuss Celine Dion's relationships and friendships with other stars like members of the Bee Gees, the Gibb brothers and Barbara Streisand.

The secrets of his biographer

The date of sortie of the biographie was not taken at random .

'This must correspond with the return to the stage of Céline in Paris, at the beginning of September', affirms Laurence Catinot-Crost.

In order to write this biography, the two women spent a lot of time together .

'She didn't hide her worries around her voice.'

The situation is delicate for the singer.

“It is difficult for her. He is someone who works a lot, who spares nothing to always give the best. However, the instrument is touched, it is terrible. We feel weakened. To find yourself diminished when you aim for excellence is abominable,” continues the biographer.

In addition to of illness , Celine Dion must also face the void left by René Angélil , her deceased husband.

The singer, still recovering, left this great project in the hands of the writer .

'Right now, she's in Colorado.'

A withdrawal beneficial to his health.

“The mountain air must do him good,” she adds.

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