Celine Dion: the new year starts badly for the singer, her fans angry

modified: 2023-01-08 17:56:02

In addition to her health concerns, Celine Dion begins the year 2023 with another bad news. Find out what it is.

  Celine Dion: the new year starts badly for the singer, her fans angry

Celine Dion needs no introduction. With over 200 million records sold worldwide, the Quebec diva left her mark in the music industry. Endowed with an absolutely unique timbre and voice, in 40 years of career, she offered us phenomenal hits . Only here, in recent years, Celine Dion has had bad news. Seriously ill, in particular, she had to cancel her concerts on many occasions . And more recently, the youngest of a family of 14 children was excluded from a list .

A ranking that has caused a lot of ink to flow

This is undoubtedly the controversy of the moment. This week, the American magazine Rolling Stone has indeed released its ranking of the 200 greatest singers all time.

At the top of the list is notably the queen of soul, Aretha Franklin, who passed away in 2018 . Suivie de Whitney Houston, Sam Cooke, Billy Holiday, Maria Carey, Ray Charles, Stevie Wonder, Beyonce, Ottis Redding et Al Green.

Yes the top 10 generally satisfied readers s, the rest of the rankings cringe. And for good reason, big names in the song such as Cher, Judy Garland and Madonna are not in it .

However, it is the absence of the interpreter of 'My heart will go on' which arouses the most indignation. “A crime against humanity”, even declared a user on Twitter.

Of course, all this controversy, the editor anticipated it . This is why she explained in the preamble:

“Before browsing through this ranking (and commenting on it), keep in mind that this is a list of the greatest singers, not the greatest voices. The talent is impressive, but the genius is transcendent. »

And to add:

'In the majority of cases, what mattered to us was the artist's originality, influence, depth of catalog, and breadth of musical heritage.'

Celine Dion fans come forward

Following the publication of the famous ranking, Celine Dion fans have decided to seek justice for their idol . Thus, on January 6, they gathered in front of the offices of Rolling Stones magazine to demonstrate. And this, in joy, good times and music. Others took to the streets of New York to protest, holding signs that read:

“Celine is not by herself anymooore” in reference to her song “All by myself”, “Justice for Celine” or “How could you forget Celine” (“How could you forget Céline”).

For information, the event was organized by a fan account of the singer « The red Heads » @celinedionaddicts_official. D’après Lisa Basbous, le Rollingstone obviously made a mistake forgetting the name of Celine Dion in this big list. The creator of the famous account explains:

“We wanted to make sure you understood that you forgot the best singer in the world. »

Despite the efforts and complaints of Celine Dion fans, it seems that the magazine still does not deign to include it in the ranking . She also points out that it is a question of consistency. Emphasizing that the widow of René Angelil no longer appeared in the list of the best singers of 2018.

In short, it goes without saying that this news does not help Céline, who is fighting against her health concerns.

What is she suffering from?

It is known to all that the state of health of Celine Dion has been bad in recent years. However, on December 8, 2022, the singer came out of her silence to explain more about it. Thus, in a video shared on her Instagram account, her voice trembling and on the verge of tears, she affirms suffer from a rare disease . The latter is called the 'stiff man syndrome' and affects about one in a million people .

According to Celine, she has been fighting this disease for years and that is the cause of the muscular spasms from which she suffers. Unfortunately, these spasms considerably affect his daily life. For good reason, the mother of Eddy and Nelson sometimes has difficulty walking . Worse still, they have an impact on the way he sings.

'It doesn't allow me to use my vocal cords to sing like I'm used to,' she said.

After singing all his life, not being able to do it anymore is simply unimaginable for Quebec.

It should be noted that due to his state of health, she is forced to cancel all her dates . A heartbreak for the star who misses his fans .

“It saddens me enormously to have to tell you that I will not be ready to start my tour of Europe again in February. I always give 100% in my concerts, but right now I'm in no condition to do so. I have no choice but to focus on my health, and I am hopeful that I am on the right track. »

Fortunately, in her misfortune, Celine Dion can count on his children which give him strength.

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