Celine Dion: the secrets of her sister on her fight against the disease

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According to the sister of the diva, Celine Dion would be a “lover of life”. Zoom on the fight of the Quebec singer against the disease.

  Celine Dion: the secrets of her sister on her fight against the disease

Her fans know it, Celine Dion currently battling the disease of the stiff man. Moreover, the singer had to, because of this neurological pathology, postpone (or even cancel) part of his tour. And this, much to the regret of loyal fans of the international star.

From what we know, Celine Dion would only focus on how she will heal . For this, the interpreter of 'My heart will go on' is in the hands of great specialists . How are his treatments progressing? It is with the Journal de Montreal that the older sister of the artist confided.

Celine Dion, a 'lover of life'

Despite her health problems, Celine Dion doesn't seem to be giving up anytime soon . Indeed, the 54-year-old woman is a fighter. At least, that's what we say to ourselves while listening to Claudette Dion .

Recall that Monday, January 30, 2023, the singer's older sister testified in Le Journal de Montreal . The opportunity for the woman to look back on Celine Dion's announcement on December 8 .

According to the diva , she would be suffering from stiff man disease . This pathology is manifested by muscle stiffness throughout the body. It can even reach the vocal cords and would prevent the star from singing properly .

“She did it with aplomb. I know she held back. It was not in crisis, in tears, in distress. She explained what it was, ”commented Claudette Dion regarding the video in question.

By the way, how is Celine Dion doing? Moreover, according to his words, the sister of the singer does not seem to be carried away by anguish . Thus, she keeps a 'positive' spirit and believes in the healing of her youngest.

“I trust that life will give back to her what she gave. Because she is an extremely intelligent, extremely generous, talented girl. And in love with life too, ”said the 74-year-old woman.

The one who is also a singer also added :

“I truly believe in the power of love. I wish her the best of luck, that's for sure and certain (…) Rather than crying over her fate, I try to send her positive vibes and ensure that one day she will go on stage. »

Celine Dion is in good hands

Durant son interview, Claudette Dion also did not forget these fans who might be worried on the state of health of their idol . She therefore opened up about the type of care received by her younger sister and especially on its current state .

According to information gathered by our Quebec colleagues, the interpreter of “ I’m alive would be in Denver, Colorado in recent days. She would be in good hands, because Celine Dion “is surrounded by specialists” .

For Claudette Dion, if her sister is sick, it's because of his work . She firmly believes that this disease is the consequence of her hard work as an artist.

“Since the age of 12 that she has been working, this child… She has not really had adolescence. She has always worked. She always gave herself. It's a choice. She did not pity. But at the same time, to have given so much and to be able to enjoy the rest of your life with your aging children…” she said.

Postponement of European tour scheduled for 2023

Because of her health concerns, Celine Dion had to postpone and cancel part of his shows . This concerns in particular his tour entitled “Courage World Tour”.

'Céline Dion announces the postponement of the spring 2023 shows and the cancellation of 8 shows scheduled for the summer of 2023', tweeted the official account of the star.

The singer explains:

“It saddens me enormously to tell you that I will not be ready to start my tour of Europe again in February. »

Note that the cancellation concerns shows planned for the winter and in spring 2023 across Europe, but also the Vieilles Charrues festival. As for the dates from August 26 to October 4, 2023, they are maintained .

“I was recently diagnosed with a very rare neurological disorder called Stiff-Person Syndrom, which affects one in a million people. We know that this is the cause of the muscle spasms from which I suffer. Unfortunately, these spasms affect my daily life on many levels. I sometimes have a lot of difficulty walking and I can't always use my vocal cords to sing as I would like, ”explained Celine Dion.

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