Celine Dion: the singer spends the holidays in the realm of stars with her sons

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Celine Dion and her family have become accustomed to celebrating Christmas in a very special place. Find out where this place is located.

  Celine Dion: the singer spends the holidays in the realm of stars with her sons

Christmas celebrations, Celine Dion love spending them with family in a luxurious resort . She goes there every year to honor the memory of her late husband.

Celine Dion's family tradition for Christmas

Each family has his own way of celebrating Christmas . Some gather around a good meal. others go on vacation . In the case of Celine Dion, it has been several years since she and his family carry on a tradition .

As reported by Closer Weekly, the 53-year-old singer goes to a very special place every year . This is a luxurious resort located in the United States, the Yellowstone Club.

With her family, Celine Dion enjoys spending every Christmas at the estate . She practices various activities and enjoys nature.

During the day, Céline and her little tribe go skiing and sip hot chocolates . Then, at nightfall, they meet for a festive dinner.

This dinner can last several hours, because to better savor their meal, the family chats and sings . There are even times when they are joined by a few relatives . Most often, it is the sister of the singer who joins them.

“On Christmas morning, she makes sure her boys have lots of presents under the tree. She shares stories of René, drinks hot chocolate and plays games, ”also tells Closer Weekly.

If Celine Dion is so fond of the Yellowstone Club, it's because he reminds her of a loved one . You have certainly guessed it, it is her late husband René Angelil.

As the singer confided, sometimes when she is with her children in the complex, she has a strange feeling . She feels like René is watching her, and it's as if he is still with them.

The reason why the singer goes there every year

As the singer herself confided, the Yellowstone Club brings back memories buried deep within her . Memories of times spent with the man of her life.

“Céline still feels René's presence in Montana. René loved going there. He loved skiing with them, relaxing and spending Christmas with his family. She wants the boys to maintain this bond with their father. It was his happy place,” notes Closer Week.

Before his death, René often went to Yellowstone Club with his family . He enjoyed skiing and hiking there. Then, when he left, Celine Dion chose to honor his memory by taking her children there every Christmas. It is then become a tradition for the small family .

Note that the death of her husband greatly affected the singer . After her disappearance, she somehow lost a part of herself.

Fortunately, that was not enough to make her abdicate . Thanks to her mind, she managed to take control of her life and move forward.

However, finding love is not yet in the singer's plans . Even if she managed not to sink, finding another companion is not yet in her priorities.

'I don't think dating is a priority for her. When she is not working, she makes sure to be the best possible mother for her children, “said a source close to the interpreter of” So that you still love me “.

A domain that attracts celebrities

Like Celine Dion, many stars also fell in love with the Yellowstone club . This is for example the case of Ben Affleck or Gisele Bundchen. They love spending their holidays there.

The complex offering them a framework commensurate with their status, they always take great pleasure in staying there .

Justin Timberlake et Jessica are also great lovers of the place . Having become regulars in the region, the couple ended up leaving New York to live there permanently.

We hope for Celine Dion that she can still spend many Christmases at Yellowstone Club with her family. As a reminder, the singer suffers from a serious illness that prevents him from performing on stage . She had recently confided:

“These spasms affect my everyday life on many levels. I sometimes find it very difficult to walk and I find it difficult to use my vocal cords to sing as I would like”

Source : Cosmopolitan

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