Celine Dion: this surprise from the singer on the occasion of the 25th anniversary of 'Titanic'

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Despite her absence on the front of the stage, Celine Dion does not fail to share and want to please her subscribers.

  Celine Dion

While Celine Dion's health does not seem to be in good shape, this year remains a very special year. Indeed, it has already been 25 years since the masterpiece Titanic was born . A quarter of a century since the singer was able to perform the song My heart Will Go On, which has become totally legendary. So this Thursday, as a gift and a souvenir for this somewhat special anniversary, the singer was able to offer something. It's about of a surprise for his fans all over the world . We'll explaine everything here.

  Celien Dion
Celine Dion in New York on 03/7/2020 – Photo credits: Getty Image

Celine Dion, a singer who is unanimous

Celine Dion has a very long and beautiful career behind her. But by the most beautiful and most striking titles of his career, there is without a doubt My Heart Will Go On. This song is for the soundtrack of the iconic film starring Leonardo Di Caprio, Titanic , published in 1997 . So with nearly 18 million copies sold around the world, almost everyone has already heard the legendary song, without even having seen the film.

And this year, the film in which Celine Dion sang celebrates its 25th anniversary. So, despite his illness which however prevents her from returning to the stage, she does not forget her audience. Indeed, the latter announced on her Instagram account to suffer from stiff man syndrome . As its name suggests, this syndrome comes to create disorders to move. even explains that he no longer really controls his vocal cords.

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So, for the occasion of the 25th anniversary of her hit, Celine Dion decided to spoil her fans. In effect, She decided to offer his audience a cover of the clip of the song. And it remains on the Instagram account of the big star that the video could be shared. Of what necessarily delight the nostalgic of this song or even of this film.

  Celine Dion
Celine Dion in New York on 08/03/2020 – Photo credits: Getty Image

The reaction of subscribers

So inevitably, the fans by Celine Dion did not take long to react to this beautiful surprise. “ Today marks the 25th anniversary of Celine's performance of My Heart Will Go On at the Oscars ” as she announces. She also adds “ To celebrate Celine's greatest hit of all time, the music video for the song has been enhanced and reimagined, with remastered footage in stunning clarity. . Newly transferred from the original 35mm film reels and assembled in an all-new 4K edit, this video focuses on his performance and includes exclusive, never-before-seen footage from the set of the original 1997 My Heart Will Go On video. ”.

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And subscribers were able to show Celine Dion that they were delighted. “ An Oscar should also have been given to the performer of the song.' , « This song will never get old « , « A masterpiece ', 'My favorite song', 'Iconic', 'There will never be an artist as talented as you', 'It's absolutely legendary ”. Something to make them very happy, especially since their idol seems less and less present .

A disabling disease

Indeed, since December 8, Celine Dion has or made the announcement of of illness through his Instagram account. Because of this, she has to cancel many dates and even his tour. But since then, she seems to speak very little. Besides, she does not appear in public either. . The last appearance of the latter remains for Women's Rights Day where she decided to participate in the L'Oréal campaign.

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But in the meantime, Celine Dion seems to be doing her best to recover but also she continues certain projects. This remains the case with her biography that she is currently doing with a French writer. Fortunately, she can count on the support of her sister who also gives news. “ Since the age of 12 that she has been working, this child… She didn't really have a teenager. She has always worked. She always gave herself. It's a choice. She did not pity. But at the same time, to have given so much and to be able to enjoy the rest of your life with your aging children… Rather than crying over her fate, I try to send her positive vibes and ensure that one day she will go on stage ”.

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