Celine Dion very sad? This is why the singer wanted to isolate herself from others!

modified: 2022-09-23 23:40:01

All over the world, Celine Dion is a star. However, according to a recently released documentary, the diva seems unhappy.

  Celine Dion

The Celine Dion enigma , a documentary broadcast on W9 recently tells us a little more behind the scenes of singer Celine Dion. In the film, we can see the journey of the diva to be where we are now. But we can also see the hardships that she was able to go through in her private life. According to those close to her, she has become a victim of her notoriety. And she suffers from it.

Celine Dion: The international singer

Known internationally for her beautiful voice, her charisma and her expressions incredible scenes. Celine Dion can no longer calibrate her own life. Indeed, his planetary success has changed his life a lot. In addition, the various advantages, especially on many privileges and money. His private life is not so much.

However, Celine Dion's success also seems to have consequences on her life . Hassles that turn out to be serious for the singer. From what was told in the documentary. Celine Dion tended to isolate herself from the outside world. She never set foot in the different evenings for artists and socialites. She also can't stand the rushes of people jostling outside her hotel to see her.

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It was also announced that following his planetary fame, being discreet proved to be essential for her . And for good reason, at her 54th birthday, the singer feels a little unhappy.

Perhaps a victim of its own success. Celine Dion no longer lives like a normal person. Besides, the public no longer sees her as a normal person. She is a celebrity.

The star's private life

With her great success, Celine Dion was forced to limit the number of her friends. In the documentary film released this month of September, the journalist musical Eric Jean-Jean confirmed that the singer opened up very little to the world.

And that outside of her family, she had trouble finding real friends. An obvious reason, because throughout her career, Celine Dion has always worked with her family . She had her husband, who was none other than her manager. She had her children. But above all, she had her mother, who is of unparalleled support to her.

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Definitely, his notoriety does not seem so easy to live with. She suffers from it, which is why she chooses to isolate herself. Being cut off from the world becomes a necessity when you are a celebrity like her. His only refuge was his family.

At the loss of her husband, Celine Dion was so upset that she ended up temporarily stopping production on stage. While at the time, she had just signed a contract in Las Vegas. She felt lost and unsupported without her beloved husband.

Celine Dion: A gloomy life despite her great celebrity

Celine Dion always emphasizes in her interviews that her family is everything to her. Besides, she repeats it again in the documentary The Celine Dion enigma . For her, her family is a barrier of love and security.

Recently, the diva underwent some worry of health, which worried his global fans. But more in shape than ever, she is not yet ready to leave the stage immediately. As for her private life, she remains in her world and isolates herself from others, but is well surrounded by her family.

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