Céline Saffré Large families: the mother reveals the long list of gifts for Christmas

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The mother of Families Many, Céline Saffré, recently shared the list of Christmas gifts for her nine children.

  Céline Saffré Large families: the mother reveals the long list of gifts for Christmas

As you know, the end of year celebrations are fast approaching. Who says Christmas, says gifts. Especially for children. The story of Santa Claus who brings gifts to children who have shown kindness during the year. It would seem, according to the Christmas list that Céline Saffré published on her Instagram account, that she has nine good children. Indeed, this Tuesday, December 20, she made the decision to reveal her huge list of Christmas presents for her nine children. An exhaustive list which proves, once again, that she wants to spoil her loved ones. With nine children, you have to plan quite a budget for the holidays. After all, it only happens once a year. She therefore shared her list with her subscribers. We'll explaine everything here !

Céline Saffré: A magical mother

Santa Claus is coming soon. For children, the wait becomes unbearable. Luckily for them, the holidays are fast approaching. Only a few more nights of sleep before the arrival of all the gifts under the tree . The last days are often used to finish preparations, or even last minute purchases. However, it would seem that for Céline Saffré, mother in Large Families, the gifts are already all wrapped. At Christmas, a magical schedule is therefore essential. Whether it's family reunions, endless dinners or the magic of Santa Claus and his gifts. For Celine Saffré, Christmas is synonymous with spoiling loved ones. She then seems to get a lot of joy out of giving gifts. However, we must not forget that, since December 7, the mother of the family and her husband have nine dependent children. A great responsibility.

Spoiling their children remains one of their priorities. Céline Saffré and her husband seek to make their children happy during these end-of-year celebrations. Something they seem to have done this year. Indeed, on December 20, the young mother decided to share the list of gifts she is going to give her children . And this, on his Instagram account, after many questions from his subscribers. You should know that many Internet users wondered what she could have bought for her nine children. And on Tuesday, December 20, they got their answer. As you can imagine, the list turns out to be just as big as his family. The Saffré tribe will certainly have a very good Christmas with the family. And this, with many gifts under the tree.

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Large Families: a mind-blowing gift list

The list of Christmas gifts seems endless. It should be remembered that Céline Saffré has nine children, so the number of gifts continues to multiply. With nine children , she had to find the perfect gifts for each of them. For her eldest son, Paul, she chose to offer him a gaming chair, a Switch game and a connected watch. Then, for her 11-year-old son, she picked up a pair of sneakers and a pair of wireless headphones. Her daughter, Adèle, will be able to open her presents and find a drawing kit and a selection of beauty products. Her son Louis won't run out of gifts, with an LED TV for his room, Lego and Playmobil toys. We must therefore not forget Charles, who will receive a touch pad, a remote-controlled car, two robots and a walkie-talkie.

But that's not all! In fact, he also has the gifts left for him. her four young children . For their 4-year-old son, Marcel, Céline Saffré and her husband decided to opt for a large DIY workbench, a garage for small cars, a guitar and a wooden director's kit. Enough to make a little boy very happy. As for the two little girls, Rose (3 years old) and Valentine (1 year old), the mother of the family did not forget to spoil them. They will receive, under the tree, a shopping bag and a doll's pram, a changing table and a baby bed, a wooden broom vacuum cleaner and a whole kit for the kitchen. Finally, the youngest of the great tribe, Augustin. For the latter, Santa Claus has chosen a rocking llama. Many gifts for the great tribe.

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