Céline Saffré: the mother comes out of her hinges to defend her son

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Recently, Céline Saffré seemed very angry about what he could say about his son, so she responded.

  Céline Saffré: the mother comes out of her hinges to defend her son

Céline Saffré is one of the mothers who have many children. In all, she now has nine children, and has therefore decided to share her daily life. To do this, the mother of the family decided to participate in the program Families large of TF1 . A good way to discover this daily life specific to large families. But when the mother gave birth of her ninth child, she seemed very disappointed in the world. We'll explaine everything here.

Large families

Céline Saffré was able to meet Fabrice in the past, a love she fell in love with. Very quickly, the couple passes the stages. And as she puts it so well in her Instagram biography, she is a fulfilled wife. And from there, she realizes her dream of having a big family. A little over a month ago, they were 10. But now, a newcomer has raised the counter to 11. Indeed, Céline Saffré was able to give birth to a little boy, Augustin, about a month ago. .

This new birth represents a great moment of joy both for Céline Saffré and for the whole family. So, faced with so much happiness, the mother of the family decided to post a short video showing various photos of her baby . But while she should have expected benevolence, she was frankly disappointed.

Céline Saffré reacts to gratuitous nastiness

Thus, while Céline Saffré had not yet shown her baby, she decided to spend the one month to do so. During this time, the mother wanted to take time for herself and the baby. But it also made for adorable photo shoots . So inevitably, she seemed very proud to show her photos to her community, on Instagram. But the answer she received to this is absolutely not the one intended.

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Since the Céline Saffré family has participated in the program Families numerous, she knows that on the networks, benevolence does not always exist. On August 25, she published a post to find out if the family will resume filming of Large Families . She explained under the photo that this show was going well during filming, but not after. “ Then comes the day of dissemination and media coverage and there everything changes... we fall into an unrealistic world where the word benevolence hardly exists anymore and is quickly replaced by the word harassment, contempt, violence,... And so on. ”.

And that, Céline Saffré was able to see it with her baby too. It seems that the face of this little Augustine is different from what people are used to seeing. So very quickly, the nasty comments could appear . Saying that the baby was ill, mentally or physically, that he had a disability… So many comments which of course have the hidden meaning of saying that this child is not “beautiful”. To this, the mother of the family quickly replied “ I promised myself in this new year to remain zen in the face of idiots and their hateful messages, started Céline Saffré in Instagram story. Augustin has no handicap, no trisomy, no cleft lip or anything else ”.

The mirror of reality

But what seems to sadden Céline Saffré the most is that when her baby is only a month old, he is already undergoing a form of degradation, bad judgment and far from benevolence. The mother of the family also adds “ Kindness, tolerance and respect should be part of the values ​​to be learned from an early age. ”. At Télé Loisirs, she regrets that “ poor human beings ” “ point the finger at the difference ” in such a negative way. But faced with so many questions about the shape of her son's face, but especially his nose, she gave the explanation.

Céline Saffré explains that “ During pregnancy, her nose was resting either on my uterus or on another part of the body. . Therefore, his nose has this crushed shape . After several checks, doctors and pediatricians, they are all unanimous in saying that his nose will get back in shape over time and that he is a little boy who is doing very well. ”. In other words, this baby is doing very well, and that's still all that matters.

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