Chimène Badi: 'It's for me that I want to be beautiful' her confidences on her loss of 35 kilos

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Fans of the singer know it, Chimène Badi had a special relationship with food. All of that is now behind her.

  Chimene Badi: 'C'est pour moi que je veux être belle" ses confidences sur sa perte de 35 kilos

When we want we can ? At least that's what Chimène Badi has proven. After her significant weight gain, the singer to his rebuke en main . So much so that today, the one who never wanted to have children shed 35 kilos . We tell you how she did it.

Chimène Badi had weighed up to 95 kilos

This year, the singer artist signs his return to the music scene with a new album . The opus was released this Sunday, January 29, 2023. Thus, to promote it, Chimène gave an interview to 'Vivement Dimanche' and 'A Sunday in the countryside'.

A passage that allowed the singer to certainly talk about her record, but also about her . You should know that at a certain time, Chimène Badi had eating disorders which had an impact on his weight.

As a reminder, the interpreter of 'I come from the south' had an addiction to sugar and fat . So, you no longer need to draw a picture. Throughout this period, Chimène Badi gained a lot of weight.

However, the one who was revealed to the public thanks to “Popstars” in 2002 never veiled the face. Like what, she recognized without reserve having had a complicated relationship with food .

During an interview for Nous Deux, in 2015, we can hear him testify :

“I alternated between anorexia and bulimia, until I weighed 95 kilos. It was hell. I suffered so much from the gaze of others! »

How did she lose 35 kilos?

Note that this situation did not please him. Wife therefore decided to lose the month . As a result, in the same interview, Chimène Badi revealed that she had lost no less than 35 kilos in all. And this, to come to terms with herself .

'It's for me that I want to be beautiful,' she said.

How did she manage to lose so much weight? Well, it was during an interview with Télé Star that the forties revealed its secrets . In the case of Chimène Badi, everything lies in eating habits and daily sports practice.

'I have a healthy lifestyle, I eat healthy, I do two hours of sport a day,' she said.

Despite this feat, the fact is that the one who is a heart to take don't like to talk too much about their weight loss . Especially when the question comes up systematically in every interview. Hence his big rant in 2016 on the subject.

“It’s too frustrating to give interviews and only see futile things come out. It’s annoying that people always talk to me about my weight loss… It keeps coming back. I want to express other things! (…) Journalists must respect the fact that I want to talk only about my job, ”she told journalists and magazines.

Chimène Badi cash on maternity

Its weight is not the only subject that seriously annoys Chimène Badi . Indeed, the question of motherhood is also a subject that is the subject of online media. Suffice to say that the position of the 40 year old woman is very clear .

“Too anxious, I would not have been able to give arms to a child, to teach him to become independent and carefree. I found meaning elsewhere than in motherhood “, she made it clear to the journalists of Closer.

This before adding to Gala:

'I don't want children, it's in me. I don't want to be a mother, that's all. »

On good terms!

Chimène Badi freshly separated from Julien

On the heart side, the year 2023 got off to a bad start for Chimène Badi . Since January 6, the singer is again a heart to take. It is in the columns of Closer that the artist publicly announced his break with his companion Julien .

'It's a very beautiful story that filled me and made me grow... It's over. I no longer look in the gaze of the other for a way to be reassured, to have confidence in myself. To give, to the public, to my loved ones, I learned to feel free, to love who I am, ”she announced.

Remember that their story began in 2014. At the time, the singer and the PE teacher met through a friend she worked with . In any case, their idyll is now combined with the past. Wish them the best!

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