Chimène Badi: 'Someone who will screw you up' her secrets about her 'toxic' relationship

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On January 29, 2023, Chimène Badi was the guest of 'A Sunday in the countryside'. The opportunity for the singer to confide.

  Chimene Badi: “Someone'un qui va vous bousiller » ses confidences sur sa relation « toxique »

The life of one who was revealed in “Popstars” in 2002 was not all rhinestones and sequins. In addition to her problems with food, Chimène Badi seems to have also seen all the colors s relational side.

According to her revelations on France 2, in the program 'A Sunday in the countryside', the singer would have made 'a not very pleasant meeting' and felt like a 'puppet'. We tell you everything in this article.

Chimène Badi has released a new album

Since its appearance in the TV hook of W9, 20 years ago, Chimène Badi has come a long way . budding singer, the artist has become a real star . And this, even if she did not win 'Popstars' in 2002.

She is known in particular for her songs like 'I come from the south' or 'Between us' which are real successes. However, over the years, the discs cardboard less and less .

This did not, however, discourage the one who is passionate about music . It also didn't stop her from taking a very long hiatus a few years ago. At the time, she justified this absence with a voice problem .

In any case, Chimène Badi, who lost a lot of weight , is well and truly back on the music scene. Moreover, she has just released an album in tribute to Edith Piaf. She called it 'Chimene sings Piaf' .

“Difficult things happened”

Note that Chimène Badi's album released this Friday, January 20 . To promote it, the one who never wanted to be a mother came to the set of France 2. It was January 29, 2023 in 'A Sunday in the countryside'.

The opportunity for the forties to talk about the book, but also about look back on dark times from his past . Thus, facing Frédéric Lopez, the pretty brunette mentioned the encounters that would have broken her during her career .

“I had this first weight loss, but difficult things happened and unpleasant encounters in my job,” she recalled.

Intrigued by this revelation, the public service presenter wanted to learn a little more . His guest then continued his secrets, not without emotion. Here is what Chimène Badi replied:

“He is someone who will screw you up, who will screw up your career, who will screw up your mind, who will screw up your person and who will make you a little puppet. It's meeting a person who will change your life, but not in a good way. »

“An immense good” for Chimène Badi

It goes without saying that this situation was difficult for the singer . So to get better, she did as she could. In effect, she healed her wounds “with food” .

“Actually, I was calming down. I was filling a void. It’s pure pain,” she explained.

If this method could help him, it is not without consequences . No, because, because of this, Chimène Badi suffered from eating disorders for a long time. Which of course caused his weight gain .

After probably remembering all this, the one who recently broke up with Julien was moved . To the point of bringing tears to my eyes. She then said that today she has freed herself from all that.

'It's an immense evil for an immense good, this experience made me understand a lot of things', she summarized.

Freer than ever, Chimène Badi currently feels as good in his head as in his body . The pretty brunette even qualifies this freedom as priceless.

Chimène Badi to lose 35 kilos

As revealed by Chimène Badi, during these dark episodes of her life, she had a special relationship with food . This isn't the first time she's spoken about it. The singer also spoke about it during an interview with Nous Deux .

“I alternated between anorexia and bulimia, until I weighed 95 kilos. It was hell. I suffered so much from the gaze of others! ', did she say.

However, it's all behind her now . Indeed, to date, Chimène Badi sports a slimmer silhouette. According to him, the forties would have lost no less than 35 kilos . How ? The artist unveiled it to Télé Star.

'I have a healthy lifestyle, I eat healthy, I do two hours of sport a day,' she told the magazine.

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