Chin hair: after 50 years, how to overcome it?

modified: 2023-01-20 16:13:02

The appearance of hair on the chin is a recurring phenomenon in women over 50. Find out how to eliminate them.

  Chin hair: after 50 years, how to overcome it?

Heat and mood swings are among the symptoms that many women face when they reach their fifties. Facial hair, which is one of these symptoms, can however become a real nuisance . While body hair sometimes tends to be more discreet, chin hair, become more apparent . In fact, this phenomenon is due to a hormonal imbalance . Fortunately, there is practical and effective solutions to eliminate them .

Chin hair: why does it grow after 50?

At fifty, a large number of women tend to complain chin hair growth. This is normal, because after this age, estrogen and progesterone levels in women decrease. However, the production of androgens (male hormone) remains the same , which creates a hormonal imbalance. Menopause is indeed responsible for this phenomenon of constriction .

Having two hairs that growth here and there on the chin is manageable . But when this appearance becomes more prominent, it is no longer a simple growth, but hirsutism. You know perhaps already the expression “woman with a beard” ? This expression perfectly illustrates what hirsutism is.

It is observed in women excessive facial hair growth . And obese women are more likely to suffer from this rather unpleasant phenomenon, as several doctors reveal.

Chin hair are very unpleasant for many women . And in our society where the hair is not very popular, the despair of women is growing. Some are even forced to shave every morning like their husbands. Others opt for aesthetic treatments which are sometimes very expensive .

How to eliminate them?

You are over 50 and your chin hair bothers you more than anything ? Don't worry, we will provide solutions for you.

Use tweezers

If you notice the presence of hair on your chin, we recommend using tweezers . This solution is both simple and economical, but also practical for simplified hair removal. On the other hand, when the hairs are too fine, you risk injuring yourself a little using the tweezers.

Use the wax

In order to achieve a smoother hair removal experience, it is advisable to use wax . The wax removes hair from your chin while leaving your skin soft and smooth. Thanks to this hair removal method, you will have peace of mind for two or three weeks . Hairs that have been waxed grow back finer. However, it may be that you experience minor burning and pain .

Chin hair: electric hair removal

The principle of this hair removal method is the same as that of tweezers . On the other hand, the electric epilator removes the hair at the root. There are models of electric epilators that can be used in the shower. This is handy if you are in a rush to get to work or a meeting in the morning . By using this method of hair removal, you can say goodbye to hair for at least 3 weeks. However, hair removal can be painful for some people .

Hair removal at the beautician

The way to get rid of your chin hair is to go to a beautician . These professionals master the art of hair removal from A to Z. Whether thread, laser or pulsed light hair removal, you will find a smooth chin and soft thanks to the beautician. Thus, you will be able to say goodbye to your hair for weeks and weeks. The only problem it is that professional sessions remain very expensive .

That was our different tips for get rid of chin hair after 50 . In any case, forget about shaving! If your chin hair appears disproportionately, consult your gynecologist as soon as possible for a hormonal assessment .

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