Christian Quesada makes new revelations about his live conviction of TPMP!

modified: 2022-09-30 13:01:02

Christian Quesada does not see his actions as criminal. He spoke in Touche pas à mon poste. Internet users are shocked

  Christian Quesada

Once again, Christian Quesada is behind bars. And that for the same crime. While he was sentenced in 2019 for corruption of minors and possession of pedop * rnographic images. One of the great masters of the South would seem to be in even more trouble.

Christian Quesada speaks about his conviction

In the first extract from the recording, the ex-champion of Les 12 coups de Midi explains why he contacted the columnist Cyril Hanouna? He wanted to discuss according to his words, with Guillaume Genton.

But unfortunately for him, he couldn't find his number . As a result, he preferred to speak directly with the conductor of Touche not at my post.

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Cyril Hanouna hastened to clarify that it has been three years since we heard from Christian Quesada. So inevitably, this sudden return to the media intrigues Internet users and viewers. What does he have to say?

Christian Quesada publicly defends himself against his accusation . He confirmed that having such images is not a crime. He also clarified the signification of six acts

The ex-candidate of Les 12 coups de midi wishes to express himself

For the first time since his conviction, he decided to speak up. Not live as usually seen on Touche not at my post, but in registration sound. A statement that shocks viewers.

Keeping photos of young girls under 18 in undress is not a crime according to him, it is rather a misdemeanor. And so, he makes it clear that he has nothing of a criminal in this case, but that he is just a delinquent.

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He then refuses to be treated as a criminal, instead he chooses the word offender . Anyway, his explanations do not seem to be well received by Internet users. The ex-champion of Les 12 coups de Midi, will probably have no stars from the viewers .

Moreover, he claimed that he still had more risque images than that of a young teenage girl in her underwear. Aren't these words that could make him sink once more?

Christian Quesada from nouveau en prison

Christian Quesada finds himself once again behind bars. The ex-master of Midi shocks the public with his statements which seem completely natural towards him.

Still in audio recording of his interview with Cyril Hanouna, the ex-champion chooses not to appear directly at the television .

Whether he is live to explain himself or not, according to him always, people will criticize him harshly. Others will think he is playing the victim, etc.

And that he will try to minimize the facts and the offenses he has committed. So he prefers to stay away. But are all these explanations will help him reduce his sentence? A story to follow.