Christina Milian: 'I'm dying! This tattoo she had removed without anesthetic cream

modified: 2023-02-04 23:50:02

Christina Milian has decided to remove a tattoo that has adorned her lower back for a few years. The pain was immense.

  Christina Milian :"Je suis en train de mourir !" Ce tatouage qu’elle a fait enlever sans crème anesthésiante

We often say tattoos are for life . However, this was not the case for Christina Milian. Indeed, on February 2, 2023, the mother of the family decided to get rid of your tattoo which was on his lower back. In a video shared on social media, she could be seen writhing in pain from the throbbing effect of the lasers.

Christina Milian: the operation performed without anesthetic

Many stars fall under the spell of tattoos and decide to get a tattoo. Moreover, it is very common whether it is among French or American celebrities.

Thus, in addition to Lady Gaga, Alizée or Shy'm, Christina Milian has also given in to these decorative designs . For several years, we saw her with a tattoo on her lower back. A reason that she decided today to remove.

“Without numbing cream,” she yelled in the video where she is seen having her tattoo removed.

The mother-of-three then went on to say:

' I am dying ! »

Apparently, she was no longer a fan of that tattoo . Initially, Christina Milian had opted for a lion's head, drawn in the shape of a heart wearing a crown. A queen motif that she ended up having covered, at first, by making the animal disappear with an abstract image .

On February 02, 2023 then, Christina Milian decided to remove it . But if the pain seemed incredible at the time, M Pokora's companion quickly recovered from her emotions.

A quick return to the track

The evening after her tattoo removal session, Christina Milian actually participated in the premiere of the Netflix film “Your place or mine” by Aline Brosh McKenna. As a reminder, the latter is a writer in the “27 dresses” team and co-creator of the “Crazy ex-girlfriend” series.

The forties was accompanied by her friend J.Ryan La Cour . But if Christina Milian was not part of the cast of this romantic comedy which will be released on February 10, 2023, we saw her on the big screen, in 2021, in 'Complex Love' by Steven K. Tsuchida.

She also played Collette, at the end of 2022, in the third season of “Step Up: High Water”. But on the beach, as on television and in the cinema, Christina Milian is determined to never be the same again . In addition to her tattoo removal sessions, the actress recently chose to work hard at the gym to have a dream butt.

Christina Milian: her man removes his tattoo

M.Pokora, the darling Christina Milian is also a fan of tattoos . It's hard not to notice them. Indeed, the singer has it almost all over his body. But just like the mother of his children, he decided to remove some .

The interpreter of the song “Just a photo of you” has removed the tattoos that were on his neck since 2006. An operation that he admits to being painful.

“I had some in my neck that I removed with a laser. There is a small flower but I had roses, flames rising. I removed some, it hurts very very badly, it is very painful, ”he explained.

The journalist who interviewed him then asked him what made him want to have his tattoos removed . A question to which the principal concerned answered by saying:

'I wanted very quickly to be very tattooed and in fact, I did a little everything and anything. I soon regretted it. I felt a bit trapped, it was a bit awkward, I could never look like someone without a tattoo. That's why I had what was sticking out of the shirt removed.'

Asked, the companion of Christina Milian sent the message to young people . He stated :

“It's a bit of an old fart to say to young people: 'think carefully' (…) I now find myself saying it now to young people who want to get tattooed: 'think well, take the time, go on parts that aren't too awkward''

He also admitted that it was a youthful mistake .

“I wanted very quickly to be very tattooed. And in fact, I did a bit of everything and anything. I soon regretted it. I felt a bit like a prisoner,” he confided.

Either way, the message got through.

Source : Purepeople