Christmas bonus 2022: date of payment, beneficiaries, what you need to know

modified: 2022-12-12 00:00:03

Like every year, the Christmas bonus is about to fall. Find out if you are eligible and the payment amount.

  Christmas bonus 2022: date of payment, beneficiaries, what you need to know

Every year, the government allocates numerous aids to the French throughout the year. Among the end-of-year aids, we find the famous Christmas bonus. Exceptional assistance paid to the most modest French households. And this, for the main purpose of support them in their winter expenses. Indeed, as you know, the end of the year can often be costly. With Christmas gifts, heating bills and many other expenses. As a result, the government pays this Christmas bonus, every year, to nearly 2.3 million beneficiaries . Paid around December 15, this aid is included between 152 and 442 euros. All you have to do is learn more about this exceptional help. We'll explaine everything here !

Who is affected?

The Christmas bonus concerns approximately 2.3 million beneficiaries every year. Indeed, the French who fill eligibility conditions can then take advantage of this end-of-year aid. It is paid to people who received aid in November or December. Whether it is the RSA (Active Solidarity Income), the Specific Solidarity Allowance (ASS), the Retirement Equivalent Allowance (AER), or the monthly lump sum bonus for resumption of activity.

Be aware that like most of the aid offered by the government, there is no action to take . And this, as the CAF website points out. You should know that there are three payment organizations. You can then receive this Christmas bonus thanks to the CAF, the CCMSA or even through Pôle Emploi.

The date du versement de la prime de Noël

The payment of the Christmas bonus is made around the same day every year. Indeed, recipients of this exceptional aid can expect to see a payment on December 15 . On this date, or within a few days, the beneficiaries will therefore receive between 152 and 442 euros. However, there may be a payment delay. It mainly depends on the banking institution of each other. We advise you to wait three to five days before worrying about your payment. The payment of the Christmas bonus to your bank account can therefore rather take place between 18 and 20 December.

However, keep in mind that for some, the payment of this Christmas bonus could be significantly delayed. Indeed, you are not not guaranteed to receive the payment in January 2023. And this, above all, you are one of the new recipients. If you have the slightest doubt about your eligibility or a lack of payment. Know then that you can contact your CAF or paying agency.

The amount of the Christmas bonus

As explained, the amount of the Christmas bonus depends on the composition of the beneficiary household. At a minimum, this premium is 152.45 euros. This is still the basic payment. This then concerns a person living alone. As soon as there are children in the household, this Christmas bonus is increased. Thus, the amount increases to 228.67 euros for two people without children. It is then necessary to add 60.98 euros per additional person at the heart of the family. And this, when the payment comes from the CAF or the MSA.

If you receive this payment by Pôle Emploi, be aware that the amount of the payment remains fixed. Indeed, you will then receive a single amount of 152.45 euros. Keep in mind that this Christmas bonus remains a non-taxable aid. Which means you don't have to mention it on your annual tax returns. A very useful help with the end of year celebrations approaching .

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