Christmas bonus: payment starts today, how much will you get?

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Paid since 1998, this year, 2.3 million households will be entitled to the Christmas bonus. Are you one of the beneficiaries?

  Christmas bonus: payment starts today, how much will you get?

The first of Christmas was paid this Wednesday, December 14 by employment center. The Family Allowance Fund, for its part, will pay it from this Thursday, December 15. Beneficiaries of this grant need to start checking their bank account . After all, it does not require any action on their part. Payment will be made automatically. But due to bank delay, this one could be shifted . Will you be entitled to this generous aid of at least 152 euros ? The answers in this article.

Who is entitled to the Christmas bonus?

The first of Christmas will be paid to 2.3 million people . According to the utility's website:

“To benefit from this exceptional aid, your benefit entitlement must be in progress for the month of November or December 2022. If you are a new beneficiary in December 2022, the premium will be paid in January 2023.”

In fact, to qualify, you must be eligible for certain social benefits . This criterion will then determine whether you will receive assistance through CAF, MSA or Pôle Emploi.

Who is entitled to the MSA and CAF Christmas bonus?

The Agricultural Social Mutual Fund (MSA) and the Family Allowance Fund (CAF), are responsible for paying the Christmas bonus . However, only beneficiaries of the active solidarity income (RSA), will be entitled to this subsidy from them .

Other recipients of social benefits from the MSA and CAF will not receive the Christmas bonus . If you are eligible, you can already check the bank details listed on your personal space.

Who are the beneficiaries of the Pôle emploi Christmas bonus?

The Pôle emploi Christmas bonus only intended for recipients of the following aid :

  • Assistance in creating and taking over a business for beneficiaries of ASS (ACRE-ASS).
  • The pension equivalent allowance (AER)
  • The specific solidarity allowance (ASS)
  • The specific training solidarity allowance (ASS-F)
  • Remuneration for Pôle Emploi training (RFPE) or remuneration for vocational training trainees
  • Public internship remuneration (RSFP/RPS)

How much will you receive?

Noël's prime was first paid in 1998 . It was a grant awarded to the most modest. It was to allow them to reduce the expenses caused by the end of year celebrations.

Considered a favor granted to households in need, the Christmas bonus is tax-free . According to the utility's website,

“This bonus is not taxable and therefore does not have to be mentioned on the annual tax return. »

The amount of the Christmas bonus hasn't changed for several years . The latter did not receive an upgrade despite this year's inflation. Jean-Christophe Combe explains that all the measures put in place recently should compensate for the loss of purchasing power (tariff shield on electricity and gas prices, inflation bonus, fuel discount and revaluations of aid and allowances since this summer, etc.)

Noël's prime is therefore fixed at 152.45 euros . But the beneficiaries of the RSA will perceive a dispute amount according to their family situation.

The following scale applies to RSA beneficiaries :

  • 152.45 euros: a single person
  • 228.67 euros: a couple without children or a single person with 1 child.
  • 274.41 euros: a person in a couple with 1 child or a single person with 2 children.
  • 320.14 euros: one person in a couple with 2 children
  • 335.39 euros: a single person with 3 children
  • 381.12 euros: one person in a couple with 3 children
  • 396.37 euros: a single person with 4 children
  • 442.10 euros: one person in a couple with 4 children
  • + 60.98 euros: per additional person.

When will the payment take place?

The first installments of the Christmas bonus started this Wednesday, December 14 . These included beneficiaries of the Christmas bonus through Pôle emploi.

On the other hand, the site of the Pôle emploi clarified that payment may be delayed because of the banking system:

“The sum will appear in your bank account within an average of 3 to 5 working days (depending on the processing times of the banks). The payment of the premium will be accompanied by a notice of payment, which can be consulted on your personal space. »

CAF beneficiaries, for their part, will receive their payment this Thursday, December 15 . The fund sent a similar message on its website:

“Depending on your bank, it may take up to 8 working days for the payment to be posted to your bank account. »

However, CAF has indicated on its website that some beneficiaries will have to be a little patient .

“If you have been a beneficiary of one of these aids (RSA, ASS or AER) since December 2022, the payment of the Christmas bonus will take place from January 2023,” she assured.

How to be sure to be part of the beneficiaries?

According to the statements of Pôle emploi and CAF, the beneficiaries of the Christmas bonus receive a payment directly into their bank account . In other words, you don't have to do anything. You just need to meet the eligibility requirements.

But if you are not sure if you are entitled to this help, you can always perform a simulation . To do this, go to the website to find out if you are entitled to social benefits eligible for the Christmas bonus.

However, it should be noted that some recipients of CAF and Pôle emploi will not be entitled to the Christmas bonus . These include beneficiaries of:

  • Allowance for disabled adults (AAH)
  • Solidarity allowance for the elderly (Aspa)
  • Return to work allowance (ARE)
  • The activity bonus

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