Christmas bonus: why have some French people still not received the €152.45 aid?

modified: 2023-01-02 14:08:02

On December 15, 2022, most Christmas bonus recipients received their payment. And you, did you receive it? If not why ?

  Christmas bonus: why have some French people still not received the €152.45 aid?

Noël's prime is a sum offered by the State to certain modest households, shortly before Christmas. Besides, the real name of this aid is the exceptional end-of-year bonus . So, if currently, you haven't received it yet, there is certainly a reason for it.

Before knowing these reasons for non-payment, you must first know what are the conditions for granting the Christmas bonus . After that, we will check if there are no exceptions regarding the payment schedule. Finally, we will explain the steps to follow for a complaint .

The conditions for granting the Christmas bonus

As mentioned above, the Christmas bonus is an exceptional help . As such, an exceptional situation is required to qualify. This situation is the fact of being categorized as modest households . When can we say that a household is in a modest situation ?

In these difficult times, answer this question is not an easy task . Usually, we refer to the income that the household receives. However, since most low-income households are already owners of certain social allowances. To determine who can benefit from the Christmas bonus , we just refer to the allowances they receive.

Thus, the recipients of the following social assistance are eligible for the exceptional end-of-year bonus :

  • The active solidarity income (RSA)
  • The specific solidarity allowance (ASS)
  • The pension equivalent allowance (AER)

Pour le cas de Mayotte, il n'y a que deux aides sociales qui qualify for the Christmas bonus . Here they are :

  • The active solidarity income (RSA)
  • The specific solidarity allowance (ASS)

There you go, now you know if you are concerned by the Christmas bonus or not. If you do not meet these conditions and you have not received the exceptional end-of-year bonus, that is normal. On the other hand, if you meet the conditions before making a claim, it is necessary to know when this allowance is paid.

The payment schedule

As mentioned above, this aid is supposed to be used during the Christmas party and end of year. Thus, it is normal that the payment be done before these holidays . Moreover, the usual payment of the Christmas bonus is made in mid-December. The government website Service-Public published on December 15, 2022 confirms this:

“Payments are made from December 15, 2022 by the caf and the MSA. Pôle emploi will make the payment a few days later. »

However, there is an exception to this rule. If the beneficiaries are recipients of the RSA, ASS, AER only monthly from December 2022 , they will not receive the bonus until January 2023. In this case, if you are concerned by this exception, you must not make a claim for non-payment only towards the end of January . How to do a claim for non-payment of the Christmas bonus ?

How do I claim non-payment of the Christmas bonus?

Before explaining the steps to take to make a complaint , first determining the price of this premium.

The amounts of the Christmas bonus

The initial amount of the Christmas bonus is 152.45 euros . This amount may increase depending on the composition of your household and the allowance that entitles you to the premium. For ASS and AER beneficiaries, the amount is unique, this corresponds to 152.45 euros .

On the other hand, for the beneficiary of the RSA, the amount depends on the composition of the family. For example, for a family of 6 people , including a single parent with 5 children, the amount of the premium is 457.35 euros.

The steps to take to make a claim for non-payment

You meet the eligibility criteria. You are not affected by the payment delay . If currently, you have not yet received your Christmas bonus , you have to file a claim.

To do this, you must contact the CAF. You can do this via your personal space or by calling them by phone. However, be careful! Reported by the Au-féminin site, published on January 1, 2023, the French administration wishes to recall that:

“Fraudulent emails usurping the identity of Pôle emploi or the Caf may circulate during the period of payment of the Christmas bonus in order to obtain your confidential details, in particular bank details”.

Thereby, make your complaints, but be careful!

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