Christmas gifts: UFC-Que Choisir takes stock of the exchange conditions

modified: 2022-12-27 11:14:01

If you have received Christmas gifts that you do not like, then you should know the different return conditions.

  Christmas gifts: UFC-Que Choisir takes stock of the exchange conditions

The holiday season is often synonymous with gifts . Whether it's from your family, loved ones or colleagues. Unfortunately, every year there is a risk of receiving Christmas gifts that you do not like. Know that there are always solutions , and especially return conditions . Merchants often offer to exchange or even refund the gifts. This is suitable for in-store purchases, Internet purchases, non-compliant items, non-functional toys or late delivery. As for returns, there are still conditions to be respected. We'll explaine everything here !

Buying Christmas gifts in store

If you received Christmas presents that were bought in store , the return may be difficult . Indeed, although some merchants decide to accept returns, others are not obliged. However, it should be noted that many of them decide to make this commercial gesture. Especially during the holiday season. In this case, it remains possible to exchange or return on your Christmas presents. You will then be entitled to a refund. And this, on the condition of accompanying it with the receipt or the invoice. Obviously, if these products are Christmas gifts, then the request must be made to the recipient of the gift.

Remote purchase

If your Christmas presents have been purchased remotely , on the internet or by telephone, it should be noted that the law is very different. In this case, the buyer has 14 days from receipt of the item to withdraw. Then, he has an additional 14 days to return the product in its original packaging at his own expense. Whether it's clothes, or devices. Or new and sealed CDs, DVDs, video games and software. Nevertheless, there are products that cannot be returned. And this, such as travel, food or personalized objects. The trader, in this case, has 14 days to refund the sums paid, including delivery costs.

An item that does not conform to the purchase

Among your Christmas gifts, it may be that a product does not resemble the object purchased . Be aware that the principle changes when the item received does not correspond to the one ordered. In this case, the returns remain quite simple. You can return the product to the store or send it back to the e-tailer. The product may therefore be subject to repair or replacement .

Christmas gifts: a non-functional toy

Just like a non-conforming object, when it comes to a non-functional toy , you can bring it back to the store. And this, to carry out a repair or an exchange. However, you should be aware that it can sometimes be difficult to exchange a toy. And this, since supermarkets or department stores often do not have out of stock the day after Christmas. Thereby, they don't have enough to make an exchange . So it is better to ask for a refund. Be aware that in this case, the exchange of Christmas gifts becomes very difficult.

A delay in delivery for your Christmas gifts

Finally, during this busy period, your Christmas gifts may take longer than expected to arrive. Indeed, if the ordered gift has not arrived or has been delivered too late, there are still return conditions. Depending on the situation, the rights may differ. Then check the conditions with the merchant.

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