Christmas logs: those that are not recommended by the UFC-Que Choisir

modified: 2022-12-15 00:28:02

Do you usually buy your Yule logs in supermarkets? This ranking of UFC-Que Choisir will make you change your mind.

  Christmas logs: those that are not recommended by the UFC-Que Choisir

This year, the essential Yule log will close good meals of Christmas . Glazed, with cream, drizzled with chocolate or stuffed with fruit, There is something for every taste . Even if you don't plan to make it yourself, it's easy to get it in store . But are these very accessible yule logs really worth it? UFC-Que Choisir conducted his little investigation on it . Before shopping, read this.

Popular Dessert References Rated

hard to imagine Christmas dinner without Yule logs . Currently, this gourmet dessert is available in a wide spectrum of products . With vanilla, chocolate, caramel, pecan nuts, or exotic fruits, this delicacy delights young and old . Every year, food brands continue to innovate their recipes to delight consumers.

There is something for everyone, but there is also something for all budgets . It's getting harder and harder to choose. This dessert will be the last image that your guests will save your meal . So, this choice should not be trivial .

That said, there is no question of going to taste all the logs of Christmas in store for find the best . This exquisite sweetness is a food product like any other. So you can base your decision on evaluations of associations such as UFC-Que Choisir .

Moreover, this last analyzed around fifty yule logs to lift the veil on what manufacturers are offering. You will be surprised to discover the long list of ingredients of some. After sugar and butter, many contain beef gelatin , artificial flavors and lots of additives.

The worst Yule logs on the market

When investigated, more than 15 different additives were found in the majority of Yule logs studied.

'It's too much, especially since we still don't know anything about possible 'cocktail effects' in the event of a mixture of these molecules,' noted UFC-Que Choisir, scandalized.

According to the association, a large part of these “logs available in supermarkets are ultra-processed products. This one warned that these desserts are ' to consume with moderation. »

On this note, two logs of Christmas received the lowest grades . This is the frozen raspberry nougat log from the Eskiss Signature brand (Marque Repère). But it is also the case of Vanilla, lime and raspberry ice cream log from Erhard .

The Repère brand and the Erhard brand offer very low prices for their products . But when it comes to industrial products, the cheap often includes alternatives that are dangerous to the health of consumers. As you would expect, these have the longest list of additives. They are part of worst products you can find on the shelf .

The best yule logs in store according to UFC-Que Choisir

During this study, UFC-Que Choisir still retained some references Christmas logs tolerable.

“Some brands stand out positively, although this is not systematic for all their references,” underlines the association. According to her, three brands stand out.

In third place in the ranking is the Excellence brand with these frozen sticks. But these 6 additives, these 2 added flavors and these 4 industrial ingredients clearly leave something to be desired. UFC-Que Choisir calls it mediocre, but she is the least bad .

In second place, the consumer union named the log with 2 chocolates from the Deluxe brand from Lidl. This medium-rated Yule log contains a single added flavor, two industrial ingredients and 4 additives.

First place in the ranking is awarded to the apple pastry log, vanilla tatin style of the Picard brand. UFC-Que Choisir gave it the highest rating because it contains only two additives. In addition, it contains no artificial flavor and has only one industrial ingredient .

For be sure to taste a quality Yule log , you will have to look for pastry logs. But for that, you will have to pay a little more, at the rate of 25 and 135 euros.

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