Cigarettes: here is how much a smoker spends per month on tobacco

modified: 2023-01-10 21:02:02

In France, it is estimated that there are nearly 15 million smokers. However, the price of cigarettes has not stopped climbing in recent years.

  Cigarettes: here is how much a smoker spends per month on tobacco

Nowadays, the French face galloping inflation . The bills are getting heavier and the prices charged in supermarkets are constantly increasing. In such circumstances, households are doing all they can to reduce their spending . Thus, cigarettes seem more useless than ever. Indeed, tobacco creates health problems, or even unsightly stains on the teeth. And to top it off, the The packet price now reaches 11 euros for 20 cigarettes . But have you ever thought about the crazy sums you could save by giving up this little guilty pleasure?

The alliance against tobacco has done the accounts

Out of 15 million smokers, there are more than 12 million daily consumers . Long trivialized, cigarettes are still wreaking havoc in 2022. However, the general public has known the risks to their health since the 1980s. In an attempt to dissuade the population from smoking, the government is playing on the price of cigarettes For years.

A rather clever idea, to replenish the coffers , in the face of such a common addiction. Indeed, some consumers have a hard time quitting by sheer force of will. So to have a click , the figures can be very useful. Thus, according to the alliance against tobacco, a smoker loses an average of 207 euros per month. In 4 years, some could even buy a car if they had put aside this money gone up in smoke. In a time of crisis, the cost of cigarettes takes up too much space in the budget the French. And some no longer hesitate to sacrifice their hobbies, their social life or even skip meals.

Cigarettes: new measures could help smokers

While the health crisis has lasted more than two years, households have faced a lot of disruption in recent months. Wars, climate change, social conflict or inflation… We can say that the era has a heavy impact on the mental and physical health of the population . Also, despite a significant decline in purchasing power, cigarette consumption has rebounded.

Indeed, according to Public Health France experts , tobacco would continue to be used by some consumers in the face of anxiety. “Cigarettes can be seen as a tool to manage stress or overcome daily difficulties. » For its part, the alliance against tobacco recommends the implementation new public policies to quit smoking .

In particular with regard to nicotine substitutes (patches, gums, etc.) . For the time being, these products are subject to reimbursement of up to 65% for the French. The Anti-Tobacco Alliance would like that number to rise to 100%. Cigarettes, under rather innocuous appearances, represent one of the most widespread addictive behaviors in France . Quitting smoking therefore requires a lot of willpower, but also a n support from healthcare professionals like the surroundings. A sudden cessation of consumption can have many side effects . Irritability, respiratory discomfort… Fortunately, weaning also makes it possible to obtain quite significant improvements. For example, those who give up cigarettes rediscover their sense of taste and smell .

Source : TF1