Cindy Van Der Auwera (Large families): very affected by her miscarriage, she comes out of silence

modified: 2023-01-27 20:02:02

The young mother gained notoriety via Large Families. But, at the beginning of January, Cindy Van Der Auwera indicated that she had lost her baby.

  Cindy Van Der Auwera (Large families): very affected by her miscarriage, she comes out of silence

Broadcast since 2020 on TF1, this very popular program shows the daily life of many large families . Thus, several parents were able to become famous after their passage on the show. Like the Pellissards, who have not been touring for a few months. Among all the clans highlighted in Large Families, we also find la tribu de Cindy Van Der Auwera . This mother of 11 children, joined the program during season 2. And, recently, she told the sad story of her last miscarriage . But now, the young woman seems to be doing a little better.

Cindy Van Der Auwera shares sad news

According to the information revealed by this mom via Instagram , the facts date back to June 2022. “ I hesitated for a long time to talk about it. […] In June, I did exams, I was just trying to understand why it was difficult for us to have the little twelfth. The results fell, I understood that it was necessary to move on and start new projects. Even though it was complicated, I made up my mind. Until today: one day, then two, three, four, five days late… Questions, astonishment. I decided to carry out a test: positive « .

At the time, Cindy Van Der Auwera et son mari welcomed this news with joy. » J I have implemented actions: stabilization of my weight, cessation of intensive sport, taking vitamins… Time has passed, slowly approaching the fateful milestone of three months. » Unfortunately for the couple, the pregnancy ended abruptly . “One morning I started bleeding. Then everything happened very quickly: more intense bleeding, contractions… And my mum's heart had understood, but my head was resigned… I had an appointment for a control ultrasound and the final verdict fell: ' You lost him, ma'am.” The shock, the helplessness, the sadness, the pain. »

The young mother facing internet users

If Cindy Van Der Auwera wished to share this intimate story, it was intended to break a taboo . But also for help all those who are going through the same kind of problems . « It was to give hope to those who give up, to people who are discouraged and who say to themselves we will never get there. »

Following this testimony, she received support. But also harsh criticism in comments . Indeed, some criticized him for already having too many children. For others, Cindy Van Der Auwera had passed the age for childbearing. » I see some hateful comments, I say to myself “wow, humanity level, it flies low…”

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Lately, she has taken the floor all the same, to reassure its subscribers . To do this, the mother of the family published a photo, where she holds her child, showing her painted fingernails . 'Don't worry, I'm fine. Like a tattoo that expresses our emotions, our feelings, today I decided to express my thoughts in an ephemeral way. The right ring finger is the symbol of patience in union. So I associated this symbol with another: the hummingbird. »

Indeed, the new manicurist Cindy Van Der Auwera has a real meaning . 'Such a brave little bird that takes a lot of risks. He is the model of generosity, courage, but above all of perseverance, love, happiness and hope. » Let's hope that in the future, his little family will be able to grow even more.

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