Claire Chazal: what becomes of her son François, whom she had with PPDA

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François is the fruit of Claire Chazal's love with Patrick Poivre D'Arvor. Born in 1995, what becomes of him? We answer you in this article.

  Claire Chazal: what becomes of her son François, whom she had with PPDA

Claire Chazal and Patrick Poivre d'Arvor had been in a low-key relationship in the 90s . Although kept secret, this idyll gave birth to François Chazal Poivre d'Arvor on April 29, 1995. Celebrating 28 years this year , the one who has always been discreet travels the world. All the details in this article.

François, son of two TV stars

Claire Chazal and Patrick Poivre d'Arvor are two essential names in the French audiovisual landscape . The two are also known for their secret affair in the 90s.

From this union was born a son whom they named François Chazal Poivre d'Arvor, on April 29, 1995. A son whom the former TV presenter has not recognized for 10 years . In effect, it was only in 2005 that he publicly acknowledged it. t.

If this recognition comes late, it is a mutual decision between the two parents s. Like what, Claire Chazal and PPDA wanted to protect François from media exposure and notoriety.

The two stars of the small screen longed for their child have a childhood that could not be more ordinary . The former presenter of the JT of TF1 has also spoken on this subject. It was on the Vivement Dimanche set in 2019 that she said:

“We tried with Patrick to protect him as best as possible, first by living in privacy quite normally. I've always done things around the house, taking him to school...and his dad too. I think he was shown a simple, normal life. I also hope for values ​​that indicate that one must stay in one's place or in any case that one must know exactly what one's place is, or seek it. »

A student who travels the world

Undeniably, François Chazal Poivre d’Arvor is a 'son of' . Whether it's his father or his mother, both are PAF personalities . Despite this, their child has always been able to keep a low profile.

So 27 years old, what becomes of him? Well, it seems that Francis spends his time traveling the world . Not nomadic, but on school benches. It can be clearly said that fame does not really interest him.

Following this theory, Claire Chazal, his mother, revealed to Paris Match :

“In my opinion, François is not looking for notoriety. It is for this reason that he went abroad, to be judged on what he really is, not on his name. And I understand it well. »

This year, on April 29, 2023, François Chazal Poivre d'Arvor will be 28 years old. And apart from traveling to the four corners of the globe, the young man has studies to complete in Paris . That's why he put his passport away.

'After stays in New Zealand, London and Hong Kong, he returned to Paris to complete his studies in philosophy at the University of La Sorbonne, but, at 27, he has his own life to do', can -we read in the columns of the magazine Gala on the occasion of the stoppage of the program 'Passage des arts', presented by Claire Chazal.

You will certainly have understood it, François traces its own path without benefiting from the privilege of its parents . It seems to be paying off.

Claire Chazal and PPDA: a “chaotic” relationship

While Patrick Poivre d'Arvor has been the target of numerous accusations of assaulting women , Claire Chazal came to her defense. You should know that the two have experienced something very strong. However, it wasn't all rosy either .

“A chaotic relationship, but so rewarding! He helped me, he taught me a lot of things. He was a model for me. Professionally, we were in total harmony, ”she told Paris Match in 2019.

In another interview, the journalist does not hide her admiration for the man :

“He is not someone with whom we build a straight existence! But he is an extraordinary man. First I knew how to see him as a lover, then I guessed the strength he would have to transmit to a child. »

And even if they broke up, this admiration did not turn into hate . Indeed, faced with what the father of his son is going through, Claire Chazal wishes him the best . This is what she implied in an interview.

“I only want appeasement, he too, by the way. We get along extremely well. Whatever happens, it is the father of my son, François”, she made it clear.

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