Claudio Capéo: the singer very close to Slimane, he confides in their relationship

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During an interview with Here, Claudio Capéo returned to his relationship with Slimane. As a reminder, the two men are very close.

  Claudio Capéo: the singer very close to Slimane, he confides in their relationship

Claudio Capéo and Slimane are very close . In an interview given to Here is , the performer of the song 'Man standing' confided in this great friendship . Discover his secrets in this article.

Claudio Capéo and Slimane in “The Voice”

Claudio Capéo is back with a fourth album, Rose des vents. 37-year-old singer thus continues its course after having participated in season 5 of “ The Voice » , in 2016. During this edition of the TF1 telecultural competition, he met Slimane who was by his side in the talent group of Florent Pagny .

Slimane had conquered the jury and the public of season 5 of “The Voice” by interpreting, among others, 'À fleur de peau', a cover of Vitaa. Despite this victory, Claudio Capéo was not jealous of Esmeralda's dad .

On the contrary, the two men have become very good friends . A complicity was born between the two artists who both succeeded to have a career long after their appearance on the show .

After “The Voice”

The two pop stars continued with their first album after their passage in ' The Voice » . It will be 'À bout de rêves' in July 2016 for Slimane, and 'Claudio Capéo' in August 2016 for the accordionist of Italian origins.

These are two opuses that are a hit, even if the first, certified double platinum, only sold 200,000 copies . The opus 'Claudio Capéo' is certified platinum, and reaches more than 300,000 copies in early 2017, carried by its radiant title “A standing man” .

However, each title of Slimane's album is a success , thanks to his captivating, even moving texts. That's not all ! Claudio Capéo and Slimane have come together to release a second album.

A fourth for Claudio Capéo, who had already released two before The Voice. 'Solune' by Slimane is an intimate opus that tells the story of his life as an artist who, at 28, is already overwhelmed by its fans and some of its detractors . He tackles subjects that are close to his heart, without fail, with a sincerity that is felt with each listening. As for Claudio Capéo, he was experiencing a burnout .

From this fight, he pulled an album 'As long as nothing stops me', with guests like Kendji Girac. two albums that resemble each other in the vulnerability that these two singers exude , through their texts and their voices.

Claudio Capéo, very close to Slimane

Claudio Capeo and Slimane participated in the six concerts of the 2019 edition des Enfoirés, and got even closer.

“We went to bed several times at 7 a.m. We meet after the concerts, we set the mood, we sing… “, they confessed.

There is no need to say, they maintain an unfailing relationship of friendship . Their relationship in question is also infallible.

“I love him from the bottom of my heart, we have been good together since our beginnings. He became a confidant, a shrink, the big brother and the little brother, ”said Claudio Capéo who shares all his secrets and his sorrows with his great friend.

The then continued saying :

“We said a lot of things that we had never confided to anyone. We laugh like crazy, we spend evenings partying, and then, when things are not going so well, when I have a descent into hell and I cry, he listens to me. And when he in turn cries in my room, we hug. We will always be there for each other and no one can ever take that away from us. »

Claudio Capéo: a difficult childhood

Parmi choses that Claudio Capéo never confided in anyone, it was his difficult childhood . As a reminder, he had a modest childhood which made him the man he is today. He tells it in the song “Les Petites Gens” .

'I needed to talk about it. Me, I am a 'little people', my parents are 'little people', 'he said in the columns of Here.

He then added:

“We grew up with not much. »

From this modest childhood, Claudio Capéo retains the taste for simple things , of a simple life, without artifice. It also allowed him to face the difficult beginnings of his musical career. He has in the past admitted to having “begs while singing. […] We lived alongside this misery” .

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