Conso recall: a batch of foie gras sold throughout France recalled

modified: 2022-12-17 15:09:02

Reminder Conso withdraws a flagship product for the end of the year celebrations. This is the block of duck foie gras from the famous brand Feyel & Artzner.

  Conso recall: a batch of foie gras sold throughout France recalled

The French have never looked forward to the end of the year celebrations so much . To end 2022 in style, many are betting on the traditional foie gras. But just a few days before Christmas, the government site Rappel Conso recalled a block of Feyel & Artzner brand foie gras . A famous reference in this environment. A blow for the brand which had just celebrated its 210th anniversary last year. In any case, be careful when shopping since this one should no longer be consumed . What is the lot to avoid? What are you risking by consuming it? What are the behaviors to follow? All the answers in this article.

Recall Conso recalled this foie gras from supermarkets

Foie gras is part of the heritage of France. Important element of French culture and gastronomy, it brings back this refined side to our dishes .

If this year again, you intend to delight your guests with a good foie gras, be careful. The Conso Reminder website has published a product recall sheet in the name of a “block of duck foie gras with pieces”.

Product of the Alsatian house Feyel & Artzner, this one is sold in trays of 200 g . It is this brand who took the initiative to voluntarily declare the batch problem on the government website.

This product recall does not concern all batches of duck foie gras from the Feyel & Artzener brand. It would be a shame to to deprive oneself of other succulent dishes of it because of an occasional inconvenience.

Only one batch is affected by the Conso recall. It's about number A035773F , a detail located next to the barcode of the packaging. He also wears le code article international (GTIN) 3018258980002 . The product's minimum durability date is February 28, 2024.

This foie gras can harm your health

Ce canard foie gras from the brand Feyel & Artzener should no longer be consumed even if his DDM is still far away. For good reason, he presents an “organoleptic alteration” . Simply put, it no longer smells fresh.

Lots of precautions should be taken when processing food products . Poultry meat, in particular, must be prepared under strict hygienic and proprietary conditions.

So beware of the slightest texture or odor problem. Meat prepared in optimal conditions should never have this problem .

This is why, this batch marketed throughout France from November 16, 2022 until December 13, 2022, has been recalled . The Rappel Conso site indicated that people who could consume this foie gras risk “organoleptic changes”. In other words, consumers who have the misfortune to come across this foie gras may have a smell problem.

If after verification, you are sure that you have ingested this product and that you have these symptoms , the wisest is to consult a doctor . Only a professional can determine what you should do in this case. If all goes well, so much the better, at least you will be reassured.

Conso reminder: possible refunds in case of purchase

Like all product recalls published on Rappel Conso, you will no longer have to consume the foie gras concerned . You will no longer need to use it in recipes.

Get rid of it quickly otherwise other people could taste it without knowing it . To avoid this scenario, you can discard it.

If you have time, you can return it to points of sale indicated for this. These include the brands that have ensured its distribution, namely: Auchan, Carrefour, Casino, Cora, Intermarché, Leclerc, SPAR, Système U and Transgourmet.

The recall procedure for this duck foie gras from Feyel & Artzener will be maintained until Friday, January 13, 2023 . Beyond this date, you will no longer be able to get a refund. So don't wait too long to decide.

However, the brand left a consumer service number , in case of complaints about this foie gras. Call 03 88 19 20 00 if you have questions about this product recall .

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