Conso recall: packets of rice containing a banned pesticide recalled everywhere in France

modified: 2023-01-25 20:09:03

Reminder Conso has withdrawn whole basmati rice from a famous brand because it is dangerous to health. Details in this article.

  Conso recall: packets of rice containing a banned pesticide recalled everywhere in France

Consumption reminder, basmati rice suit of the Taureau Ailé ​​brand is very popular in its category . It is sold in a large number of French stores. Easy to prepare, many use this product in delicious recipes to accompany various kinds of dishes. But this rice is now the subject of a product recall. A few packets of rice of this brand contain dangerous pesticides prohibited for consumption . Only one batch is affected, but if you have such a product in your cupboard, please check it right away . Make sure you are not in possession of this problematic batch before continuing to consume it. We take stock in this article.

Reminder Conso withdraws whole basmati rice

whole basmati rice has retained much of its nutrients . It is a naturally fragrant rice. It has a delicate aroma reminiscent of hazelnut. It can be recognized by its light cream color as well as its fine and long grains.

In Europe, he is also known as 'cargo rice' . When cooked, it offers a soft and tender texture. Isle st widely used in oriental cuisine to make exceptional dishes .

If you like to use this rice a lot, beware. He could be the complete basmati rice that Rappel Conso removed from consumption.

Indeed, this Monday, January 23, 2023, Lustucru rice notified a brown basmati rice unfit for consumption . This is the range of rice from the Taureau Ailé ​​brand sold in a 500 g bag.

This voluntary product recall concerns only batch n° 3038354593302 under the reference L 2021F. You will recognize it on the date of minimum durability set at January 1, 2025.

Reminder Conso indicates that this report is valid throughout France. Its release date started on February 07, 2022 and was due to end on January 1, 2025. In particular, it was distributed to Auchan, Carrefour, Casino, Cora, Intermarché and Galec .

What is the risk to be feared?

According to the Taureau Ailé ​​brand website, this wholegrain basmati rice “comes from the highlands of Punjab, located on the borders of India and Pakistan, at the foot of the Himalayas, the cradle of rice cultivation. Winged Bull has chosen for you this fragrant brown rice for its long and fine grains , its golden color, its firmness when cooked and its sweetness in the mouth. The envelope of its grain gives it a delicious note of hazelnut and makes it a tasty accompaniment for all your fish and poultry. »

This description makes one think of an organic product. However, the Rappel Conso site warned that it presented a banned pesticide in the recalled batch. More specifically, the 'authorized limits of pesticides' in this rice have been exceeded.

According to the platform of the foundation for medical research, “occupational exposure to pesticides” can lead to 'seven pathologies' namely, 'multiple myeloma (a blood cancer), prostate cancer, Parkinson's disease, cognitive disorders, non-Hodgkin's lymphoma (another blood cancer), chronic bronchopneumopathy obstructive and chronic bronchitis. » In order to protect consumers, Reminder Conso withdrew this lot from consumption .

The recommendations of Reminder Conso in case of purchase

You will understand, this product is dangerous for the health of the person who consumes it . This is why Rappel Conso emphasizes that it should no longer be consumed at all.

Do not use it in recipes anymore. Get rid quickly, otherwise this rice recalled could fall into the hands of other people , by mistake.

The danger is so great that Rappel Conso made a point of issuing additional public information on the subject . Also, “persons who hold these products are asked not to consume them and to bring them back to the point of sale where they were purchased, where they will be exchanged or refunded to you . »

Whenever possible, return the product yourself to the designated point of sale. If you know someone who might use such a product, do not forget to notify them of this product recall . We never know.

In case of complaints, please contact the contact number provided by Rappel Conso . To do this, call 09 70 80 91 12.

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