Consumer recall: sugar recalled throughout France, the stores concerned

modified: 2023-01-19 17:13:01

In recent days, Rappel Conso has relayed an alert concerning batches of sugar, which should not be consumed!

  Consumer recall: sugar recalled throughout France, the stores concerned

Since 2021, the Rappel Conso site has been informing the French about dangerous products on the shelves . Toys, shower gels, preserves, crisps, charcuterie… Any item can be the subject of a recall procedure . The goal? Prevent consumers from buying items with a danger to their health or their safety. This week, the alert concerns a very useful ingredient . You can find it in almost every kitchen. . And for good reason, it is sugar. We give you all the details, to avoid all risks .

Reminder of consumption: what type of sugar is involved?

In pastry, to sweeten a tea or coffee … Sugar is one of the foods that everyone should have in their cupboards. But nowadays, there are many varieties for this basic product. Icing sugar, brown sugar, powder, brown sugar or squares of white sugar… There is something for every taste . Nevertheless, this ingredient also has long-term adverse effects for our health. It thus promotes weight gain or the onset of diseases such as diabetes.

According to Rappel Conso, some batches of sugar pose even more serious problems. Thus, some consumers have become accustomed to using des alternatives au sucre blanc . Sweetener, agave syrup, honey… There are many substitutes to treat yourself to a little sweetness. And among all these options, the e coconut sugar is on the rise . However, according to Rappel Conso, if this sugar, derived from the coconut blossom, remains healthier and greener than others, it can also present dangers. Thereby, multiple batches of this trendy ingredient have recently had to leave supermarket shelves.

The batches concerned by this procedure

If you are one of the followers coconut sugar, Rappel Conso has just published information that should hold your attention. Indeed, this product recall concerns coconut sugar, sold in bulk, by the brand Juste Bio . The dangerous batches may have been in stores such as Auchan, Casino, Carrefour, System U or even Leclerc. If you believe you purchased this item, please review the information below.

  • Code GTIN 3700146209578
  • Lot numbers: 221100351, 221100352
  • Durability deadline: December 31, 2023
  • The product is generally presented in bulk, accessible in self-service.

According to Drink reminder , these batches of coconut sugar contain sulfites. Gold this substance can cause severe allergic reactions in some people. Result ? D rashes, difficulty breathing, asthma attacks or abdominal pain.

This product may have been on the shelves between December 6, 2022 and January 11, 2023. According to Rappel Conso, this sugar should not be consumed. The best solution is to get rid of it . But you can also take it back to the store , before March 11. So you will get a refund. If you are wondering about the procedure to follow, you can also contact customer service on 0486045096. In any case, do not keep this ingredient . Essential in many recipes, it could well cause heavy impacts on the health of your loved ones.

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