Consumption: no longer consume these cheeses recalled everywhere in France

modified: 2022-12-25 11:20:03

The government site Rappel Conso recently advised against the consumption of these recalled cheeses throughout France.

  Consumption: no longer consume these cheeses recalled everywhere in France

Many products are subject to recalls every day . Whether due to contamination, the presence of foreign bodies or even a labeling error. As a general rule, this simply means that the product concerned does not meet the standards imposed by France. The government site which is responsible for alerting the French to these recalled products , Reminder Conso, therefore advises against the consumption of these products. Recently, cheeses sold throughout France have been subject to recalls. And this, because of the presence of Listeria monocytogenes. It is therefore advisable not to consume these products. If you have already consumed it, so remember to contact your doctor telling him what the problem is. We'll explaine everything here !

Recalled cheeses

Three cheeses are currently the subject of product recalls according to the statements of the government site Rappel Conso. The reason seems to be the presence of Listeria monocytogenes , a dangerous bacterium that can cause many health concerns following its consumption. The three cheeses were sold in small and large stores all over France. Thus, these product recalls concern all French people. First of all, the first cheese : plain Tomme de la Vallée, with black truffle or wild garlic. These cheeses had been sold since December 14, 2022. The recalled batches therefore turn out to be lots 279, 291, 299, 204, 314 and 318. Obviously, if you have recently purchased one of his products, you are advised not to consume them . In the event of consumption, consult your doctor, indicating the situation and the presence of Listeria monocytogenes.

The second cheese concerned is the Tommette de la Vallée (plain, with Fenugreek, wild garlic and black truffle). This cheese is therefore no longer on the shelves. The batches concerned seem identical to those of the tomme mentioned above. Sold since November 14, this cheese is therefore the subject of a product recall. At last, the last cheese concerned is the Munster AOP made with raw milk (plain and with cumin). Five batches of this cheese have recently received conformation for the presence of Listeria monocytogenes. The lots are therefore 284, 300, 312, 319 and 328. On the shelves since November 3, consumption of this product can turn out very dangerous for health . In fact, the consumer could suffer from severe symptoms. And this, especially for vulnerable people such as pregnant women and children, but also immunocompromised people.

Avoid consumption of these cheeses

The three cheeses are currently undergoing product recalls due to the presence of Listeria monocytogenes. The government site Rappel Conso then wishes to cite the dangers associated with the consumption of these products. In fact, the consumption of products contaminated with listeria can become very dangerous. You should therefore, under no circumstances, eat the three cheeses mentioned. In the event of the appearance of symptoms such as fever, isolated or accompanied by headaches, and body aches, you will need to see a doctor as soon as possible . « Listeriosis is a disease that can be serious and has an incubation period of up to eight weeks “, Specifies the government site Rappel Conso.

If you have more specific questions about the three recalled cheeses or the consumption of the latter, you just have to call 03 81 91 90 90. Indeed, the consumer service will be able to answer any questions you may have on this subject. The end date of the recall procedure is March 1, 2023. You must therefore return them before this date to the sales outlets. And this, in order to get a refund . On the online government site, you can then consult the list of stores that sold these recalled cheeses.

Source : 20 Minutes