Consumption: some devices are very energy-intensive

modified: 2022-12-29 15:28:02

Some electrical appliances are greedy in terms of energy consumption. Find out which of them are at the top of the list.

  Consumption: some devices are very energy-intensive

For several months, the media have been talking about best solutions for saving energy . One of the best ways to save is to reduce the consumption of electrical appliances of the House. To do this, we must know what are appliances that cost you dearly on the electricity bill . We tell you everything.

Consumption: heating and hot water tanks

Among the most greedy devices in energy, heating is in the first place . For a house, the heating costs about 730 euros per year and nearly 300 euros for an apartment.

The same applies to the annual cost of hot water tanks for homes. Properly adjust the temperature could help a lot to save . By reducing the temperature to 1 degree less, you can already see a difference on your monthly consumption .

The clothes dryer

The dryer consumes a lot of energy with an average consumption of 370 kWh per year . This is equivalent to 64 euros on your bill according to the EDF tariff. It would be wiser not to use them during peak hours, but rather during off-peak hours .

Also, if your budget allows it, consider buying a dryer with a more modern model . The latest models are less energy intensive compared to the old ones . These consume almost three times less energy.

Also consider looking for a condenser dryer equipped with a humidity sensor. With this tool, the appliance will turn off as soon as the laundry is dry. this will protects your clothes and at the same time to reduce consumption .

Consumption: the independent freezer

With an annual consumption of 340 kWh on average, the freestanding freezer represents on average 59 euros on the bill . The most recent models are much more efficient and more economical.

A modern freestanding freezer consumes 140 kWh per year , or 24 euros on the invoice. You just need to adjust the ambient temperature of the device and choose a good location. Temperature recommended for a freezer is -18°C .

A freezer should not be placed near a heat source to not interfere with cold production . You must keep a ventilation space of at least 5 cm around the device . The device must also be placed on stable ground.

The fridge

A classic refrigerator can cost you almost 46 euros per year . A combined fridge can take up to sixty euros on your electricity bill. It is always better to use the newer models because they perform better.

More modern versions do not consume more than 140 kWh per year . For optimum operation, leave 10 cm of space between the appliance and the wall. You can set the temperature for avoid wasting energy .

According to a company specializing in energy renovation works, a temperature between 4 to 5 °C would be sufficient . The temperature allows you to preserve your food without consuming unnecessary electricity.

the internet box

Internet box and TV are used throughout the year . You may not know it, but these devices can consume up to 220 kWh of energy per year. This represents 38 euros spent on your electricity bill .

This figure decreases to 19 euros (110 kWh) per year depending on your consumption. Screen area and viewing time may vary the consumption of your appliances .

If you can't imagine not using the box anymore, remember to turn off the device at night . You can also unplug the Internet box or game consoles when you are not using them.

The electric plates

Once again, one of the most energy-consuming devices is in the kitchen. Electric hobs consume around 210 kWh per year, the equivalent of 36 euros. Dishwasher consumption comes close to these numbers .

The most recent models consume around 160 kWh (27 euros) for hobs and 140 kWh (24 euros) for dishwashers. To reduce consumption, you must cover the pans when using the plate . According to estimates by Ademe (Ecological Transition Agency), it can reduce your consumption by up to 4 times less .

You can also use the 'eco' mode of dishwashers to save money. With the eco mode, the appliance will heat the water more slowly and with a minimum temperature not exceeding 50°C .

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