Couple: according to a study, here is what leads to infidelity

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A study has demonstrated the patterns that cause partners to be unfaithful. These are signs you may have overlooked.

  Couple: according to a study, here is what leads to infidelity

Infidelity is very badly lived in the couple. The damage they cause are sometimes irreparable . In the Netherlands, researchers from the University of Tilburg have found the pattern that very often leads to infidelity . This study, published in the journal Psychological Science, showed that it was possible to prevent such a phenomenon. Discover in the following lines advice that could save your marriage .

A study of 1,000 people in couples over 8 years

Tilburg University in the Netherlands conducted a study to identify patterns leading to infidelity in a couple. This took place over an average period of 8 years with 1,000 German adults in couples.

The researchers observed all sorts of events that influenced the couple's relationship. They especially noticed a significant decline in well-being one or both before acting out. Conflicts happened more often. The two parts were less satisfied with their time spent together .

Simply put, relationship problems often preceded the occurrence of infidelity. In the majority of cases, these couples could no longer find a healthy relationship and stable. The latter were far too broken to regain a normal rhythm in their life as a couple. A catastrophic impact on the future of the couple.

'Infidelity is widely believed to have detrimental consequences for personal and relationship well-being,' the report on the study explained.

The infidelity hides more important problems of the couple

These studies claim that infidelity is not the direct cause of relationship problems of the couple. The results show that the latter were already present and that infidelity is just one manifestation of it.

The report in question indicated that “The empirical literature remains inconclusive about whether infidelity leads to relationship problems, is a mere symptom of troubled relationships, or both. » These concerns can be:

  • A progressive detachment,
  • A taste of novelty,
  • marital dissatisfaction,
  • sexual dissatisfaction,
  • A fear of commitment
  • Revenge,
  • A temporary vulnerability,
  • Etc.

Advice to avoid patterns of infidelity in the couple

This study from Tilburg University showed why it was important to know how to listen to everyone's distress until it's too late. Indeed, after taking action, the consequences were irreversible.

Infidelity has terrible consequences for the future relationships of the cheated person, be it a man or a woman. There really isn't a magic bullet for completely avoid the infidelity of his partner . On the other hand, the authors of the study offered some advice to try to prevent it :

Good communication

The members of the couple should discuss their expectations, needs and feelings freely and often enough. Any misunderstandings and frustrations can push the other to become unfaithful . Try to encourage dialogue in the couple so that everyone can feel listened to.

More common activities

When the couple share activities and interests together, their bond is strengthened . For example, they can cook, go hiking, dance, or even play video games together.

Establish a climate of honesty in the couple

If you start having feelings for someone else, it is better to be honest and admit them to your partner . Keeping them to yourself will only sour your relationship. Announcing it can be difficult. But at least it might prevent a deeper wound to heal for the other person.

A matter of trust

Trust is the basis of any strong relationship. Do you have any doubts or worries that keep eating away at you day and night ? Maybe it's time to tell your partner, instead of fueling your suspicions on misunderstandings.

Keep a healthy intimacy in the couple

A solid life as a couple is often obtained by maintaining good privacy . It is important for everyone to keep physical and emotional connection sufficient for the well-being of each partner in the couple.

Have an open mind

Open-mindedness is important to consider the needs and interests of each partner. For this, it would be necessary to work on unhealthy jealousy and excessive possessiveness who can suffocate the other.

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