Couple: thawing dating, the love trend that could change everything for you in 2023

modified: 2023-01-27 17:03:02

Thawing dating is all about giving a chance to a love that hasn't been able to blossom in the past. Your couple could succeed this time.

  Couple: thawing dating, the love trend that could change everything for you in 2023

Have you ever had end a romantic relationship because of bad timing ? It happens that we meet a person at a time when the relationship could not blossom . If it's not because of a busy schedule, it's family issues that are the obstacles. Maybe health issues pushed you to stop everything . This year, singles have adopted a new love trend. Thawing dating means unfreeze the situation by reconnecting with an old crush . It consists in giving a chance to these relations in order to form a couple in the future.

Torque: a new trend

love tendencies have evolved tremendously over the years . British magazine Stylist revealed a survey from dating app Match that talks about the love trend of 2023 .

Events of recent years have affected the married life of many people . According to the magazine, since the pandemic, 'people become more empathetic to the struggles of everyday life' .

Singles wish today be open and honest about their situation . This mindset allows them to rekindle things with an old partner. It may take time, but a good dose of patience and enough space for each other could help.

A big change

Singles are ready to reconnect for get good communication with their former partner . According to them, the wait could very well lead to a relationship that is worth it.

The decision to unfreeze a relationship means a big shift in how people view dating and relationships . These days, the goal of getting into a relationship after dating doesn't seem to really interest people.

The slightest hiccup could cause them to abandon a potential partner. Some even manage to easily cut ties with their partners permanently. The thawing presents itself as a concept that is not very new, but which invites analyze one's own feelings .

Torque: think twice before you dive

However, you should think carefully before thawing dating with one of your former partners . The concept isn't just about getting back together with an ex. Thawing concerns one of the people for whom you had a deep crush .

Thawing dating should be done with romantic relationships that didn't really have the chance to start . It can also relate to relationships that end too quickly for a good reason.

You need to ask yourself the right questions and think wisely before unfreezing a dating romance . According to expert Callisto Adams, you need to clarify the reasons that led you to end the relationship at the time.

You must tell yourself the truth. Ask yourself if this relationship you want to unfreeze is the right one . Ask yourself if you would have recommended it to a friend if he was in your position .

“It will give you a different perspective on the situation,” Adams said.

Ask yourself the right questions

Before getting back in a relationship with a former 'date', you must be able to have a judgment from an outside point of view. That will let you know what is best for you .

You just have to be sincere with yourself. Separations could lead to changes in you and the person you you dated a long time ago .

Ask yourself what really changed to make the relationship worth defrosting. Have the situations really changed so that Is it time to rekindle the romance of yesteryear?

The expert advises people who are interested in thawing dating to ask themselves the question. By knowing what has changed, you will be able to predict how things could evolve for your future couple .

Le danger du single baiting

Speaking of couples, you have certainly heard of 'single baiting'. Another trend that not necessarily a good idea for couples .

This is a game of seduction which consists in seducing or allowing oneself to be seduced by a third party . And this, while hiding his love situation.

For those who practice it, this tendency is supposed to boost his self-esteem . If a person succeeded in seducing, they considered it a source of assurance. That can however be a bad sign for the couple .

Indeed, experts invite couples to ask themselves why they want to flirt elsewhere if they live a fulfilling relationship. That could create an “awkward” situation for those who have practiced single baiting.

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