Couple: this magic and infallible phrase to put an end to an argument!

modified: 2022-09-12 14:13:01

Couples often tend to quarrel but deep down they love each other. All you have to do is remind them often of the magic phrase!


Sometimes, we think that crossing the course of marriage is a sign of stability for couples. They have managed to overcome everything if they manage to reach this stage. After this engagement, it will be quite rare to see lovebirds separate! However, this idea is totally wrong. It is exactly at the level of foyer conjugal let the turmoil begin. To lessen situations of conflict between you and your husband, have the right magic phrase To the mouth ! Here it is !

Couples: Arguments are an integral part of marriage!

When two hearts choose to unite , it's for life ! This is why we request often to young people married to think carefully before taking the plunge. After that there is no going back.

No matter what will happen at your home , no one will have the right to interfere! Only the couples concerned will be able to make decisions about their future. Get to know each other well with your partner and don't forget to swap .

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A good relationship is based on trust and communication . By respecting these criteria, you will see for yourself that couples along this path are very close-knit. However, an argument-free marital home does not exist!

In the institution of marriage, little love quarrels are unavoidable. In a way, it also allows you to test, but also to strengthen the feelings of both spouses. The best you can do is adapt!

How do you prevent a simple argument from getting worse?

Think again ! Seeing couples often come into conflict doesn't mean they don't love each other . On the contrary, the partners who do this all the time are the ones who get very attached.

Don't be surprised to see that a few hours later their shouting match , they reconcile again! Only, this chance is not given to everyone! For some, when the discussion begins to degenerate, it ends up leading to a separation.

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How to avoid this eventuality? Ashley Innes tells us her little secret on Huffington Post UK. This woman is a relationship therapist . She has already solved the case of several couples.

According to this expert, spouses should know how to use tolerance in this situation. If not both, at least one of the partners decides to take the first step. This way, the argument will not take a bad turn. To do it, just use the magic phrase!

Couples: The fetish word that all lovers must remember!

Most of the time, a trivial thing becomes a cause for argument formidable between couples. But they were able to resolve amicably .

The key to the problems would have been for one of the spouses to say the magic word. It's about :
“Remember that we are part of the same team” .

Indeed, the couples were united by the bonds of wedding to be a shock duo. Among others, a crew solid that always remains faithful to each other.

Quarrels sometimes make you forget this essential truth . Hence the reason why we advise everyone to repeat it, especially at the time of arguments!