Cristiano Ronaldo and Georgina Rodriguez, soon separated? The crazy rumor about the couple

modified: 2023-01-04 15:30:02

While together Cristiano Ronaldo and Georgina Rodriguez form one of the most famous couples, they could leave each other.

  Cristiano Ronaldo and Georgina Rodriguez, soon separated? The crazy rumor about the couple

Recently, Cristiano Ronaldo was able to sign his contract to play club in Saudi Arabia. One of the biggest contracts in any sport. So, even if his career has had a hard time lately, he can count on his wife. . She knew how to cheer him up for Christmas with a luxury car. But yet, rumors seem to describe a crisis in the couple, to the point of considering separation. We'll explaine everything here.

A difficult year

It must be said that the year 2022 for Cristiano Ronaldo was not easy. The player lost his contract with his very first club, Manchester United. This club necessarily means a lot to him, because it remains the very first he had . So, during the World Cup in Qatar, Cristiano Ronaldo played without a club for Portugal. A first. But in addition to that, it seems that during this big competition, he did not have the central role that he is used to having, on the contrary. The latter saw his team lose, being on the bench .

And this defeat against Morocco, Cristiano Ronaldo had a lot of trouble digesting it. So we saw him, unable to hold back his tears, disappointment at not having been on the pitch as well as not seeing his country qualify. One thing remains certain, the year that has just ended has not seemed easy. No big European club answered his calls . So, against all odds, he left the top of the set to go to a club in Saudi Arabia . At least with this contract he becomes one of the highest paid players in any sport.

Cristiano Ronaldo and Georgina Rodriguez, an unreasonable couple

Thus, Cristiano Ronaldo quickly becomes one of the highest paid players in the world, when his wife remains a model and international influencer. What make this couple one of the most popular in show business. So together, they form a couple that seems unbreakable . Especially when we see the gift of the latter for the player. It turns out that for Christmas, she gave him a brand new luxury car. A convertible Rolls-Royce that must be worth half a million.

In other words, financially, this family does not have to worry too much. But there are things that even large sums of money cannot buy. And love is a big part of it . A rumor begins to circulate on the couple of Cristiano Ronaldo according to which, he could well separate from his wife. This comes from the Spanish media Telecinco which said that the couple is currently experiencing a strong crisis. .

But obviously, this is not just a simple crisis, the latter would push Cristiano Ronaldo and his wife to separate. But, as this couple also lives for appearance, they are bound by advertising contracts. Or even financial and other agreements that prevent them from actually doing what they want. Especially since a separation, for a couple, is very expensive.

A big financial loss

It turns out that for a couple with that much money, breaking up would be a big loss in terms of money. The Spanish media even declares that the losses would become colossal if Cristiano Ronaldo and his wife separate. The media therefore declares “ the marriage between CR7 and Georgina is in great danger ”. So even if the couple continues to appear on the networks, some reveal a lack of complicity between them. But beyond the finances, the destiny of their children also seems complex, because together, they have many children . To be continued.

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