Crush at Ikea with this cleaning kit to have a clean house!

modified: 2022-09-28 01:22:02

Ikea has released its cleaning kit for an impeccable house that breathes cleanliness! We tell you everything!


Ikea resurfaces with its brand new cleaning kit that will delight you. Indeed, the famous furniture brand is there to help you in cleaning up your home. But before telling you a little more about this new product, check out these few new items first!

Ikea: the furniture brand!

This is no longer a surprise to customers, because for years Ikea has been able to satisfy its buyers. The brand has always been there to support you for maintenance of your house. And this thanks to its good quality items sold at low prices. The firm has established itself by providing products that meet the expectations of its subscribers.

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In every room of your home , whether in your living room or in your dining room, Ikea is always there to delight you. And for this new season with the start of the school year, she has again unveiled many summer items. Essentials to keep your home as clean as possible.

Some brand new items!

First, let's talk about this storage box in fabric, a sample of DRÖNA that Ikea recently put on the shelves! And yes, this item is only sold for 4.99 euros in their stores. In addition, if you have a KALLAX shelf, you will be delighted with this new product because it can be easily integrated into the furniture.

The brand has also released another product of the same price as this one. Indeed, if you want to add some tools in your kitchen, the KORKEN jars are made for you. These items are sold in sets of 3 and have lids.

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Do you want to store your papers or other tools for school? Don't worry because Ikea had just launched this range THIS . The Mark also offers you this PLOW that you can hang on the wall! And yes, with its very pretty design, you will no longer have to leave your jewelry, your glasses or your keys lying around.

This product is absolutely necessary unlike your tote jars. Now the famous Swedish brand has shown you its new furniture to keep your home on top. But she also wanted to offer you her new cleaning kit to keep your home spotless.

Ikea: An affordable cleaning kit!

If you are not yet satisfied the cleanliness of your house, it is not a concern because Ikea has just launched a complete cleaning kit for you. This is a set of accessories to keep your home clean! A must-have item especially if you don't have time to spend a lot of time cleaning.

This is a PEPPRIG range from Ikea, practical for removing dust from between your furniture, windows, floors or other surfaces of your house. It has a long aluminum handle that you can adjust between 76 and 128 cm depending on your height.

You will no longer have to call someone to help you. The Mark also explained that this kit has an easy-to-use locking system, which can only simplify your daily life. In addition, with its microfiber cloths, stubborn stains will leave more easily.

And finally, this microfiber cloth can also be used to wash your glasses. The firm offers it to you in less than 30 euros . So, hurry to make your purchases at your favorite firm.