Cyril Féraud appears with an unexpected look and seduces Internet users!

modified: 2022-10-01 19:06:10

Definitely, Cyril Féraud still impresses the Web. As soon as he posts on his Instagram account, he puts the package.

  Cyril Feraud

Share between France 2 and France 3 for the presentation of games and entertainment, Cyril Féraud is a hit still. And not only at television , Besides. Very active on social networks , as soon as animator posts a few things, his subscribers respond to him instantly. Lately he has done a post that panics its admirers . A new look that quickly became viral on the Web.

Cyril Féraud: Young, handsome and talented

Cyril Feraud is a coveted television host . But to get there, he had to go through several paths. Very admiring of Fort Boyard , he did not hesitate to send test ideas to production. Moreover, he embodies the character by Cyril Gossbo in this legendary game .

He started his career with Disney Channel . He then signed his big contract with France 3 for the presentation of Slam . Since then, the host has been presenting presentations of major events on the television .

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At 37, Cyril Féraud already has a very high reputation . Indeed, it is followed by thousands of people on social networks. And every time he posts a story, his fans rush to react. Recently he posted a photo of himself accompanied by a giant Playmobil figure , with a simple text: Isn't she hot my new friend? , as caption. The reactions were immediate. Only, the internet users focused more on something other than his figurine.

In fact, in the photo, the host wore a pair of glasses . Glasses with classic frames as we like them and very simple. But the admirers of Cyril always see something else. Cyril Féraud had glasses on the snapshot. A rectangular frame, black in color, all that is most banal. But since he has never been seen with glasses, there is something to attract the eyes of Internet users .

Only compliments for her new look

Against all odds, Cyril Féraud thought he would receive feedback on his new Playmobil collection. However, netizens rushed to comment on her look .

The majority comments found him even more beautiful with the glasses. A comment said: ' Nice glasses . So hot , you're the hottest of the two with your glasses, you're sexy. I adore . »

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A publication shared by Cyril Féraud (@cyrilferaud_off)

Cyril Féraud then received compliments of several fans . Decidedly, this small banal accessory had an effect. The admirers have, indeed, appreciated the photo. They couldn't help leaving a little comment , giving their opinion. As we have seen:
'You are beautiful Cyril , the class , the glasses look great on you . »

Internet users once again fell under the spell of Cyril Gossbo (this is the character he plays in Fort Boyard). And it's all to his credit!

Cyril Féraud: A coveted animator on the web

Since appearing on the small screen, Cyril Feraud was always part of popular entertainers of the viewers , especially female fans. The handsome young man receives, to each story , an immediate reaction from its subscribers.

Well known for game show animation Slam , Cyril Féraud is renowned for his good humor and his touch of humor . A good vibe that he shares with the participants of his emission . And as for her heart stories, animator remains very discreet about sa sentimental way . Who knows ? There may still be a heart to take!