Cyril Hanouna furious: the host of TPMP violently attacks the leaders of LCI!

modified: 2022-09-28 20:38:01

Since 2010, Cyril Hanouna has conquered the public on C8 … But recently, he did not hesitate to attack the management of LCI.

  Cyril Hanouna

Every evening in TPMP , the star presenter brings together a troupe of columnists , venus of all the horizons. Cyril Hanouna's show also owes its success to the heated debates that take place on the plateau . The team must not lack outspokenness. But this week, Cyril Hanouna pushed a violent roar e, addressed to the LCI channel…

Scandals and controversies in the wake of a columnist

Cyril Hanouna do not hesitate to choose influencers or some animators as columnists. However, one of them has a very atypical profile . This is Sergei Jirnov. At 61, the man has a more amazing past, since he needs a KGB agent. He therefore officiated as a Spy during the time of the Soviet Union. The columnist was able to convert into an academic, but also an author, consultant and producer.

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If now appears with Cyril Hanouna, he also regularly appears on LCI . And as on C8, Sergei Jirnov allows himself everything! Thus, he had already caused an uproar in August. On the set of the continuous news channel, he had tried to mime a 'Chinese' stretching his eyes with his fingers .

A grotesque posture, for this columnist of Cyril Hanouna , which earned him the wrath of anti-racist associations. The LCI channel had also excused about this incident.
Lately, Sergei Zhirnov has once again made extreme remarks while commenting on the news in the east. He did not hesitate to say what he thinks of President Putin.
“They say Putin is a hero. Putin is a former KGB officer, he was a colonel, but he's a bitch! »

Yes in France speech often remains free on the air , the journalist Eric Brunet was very shocked by the insult used. He also reframed the columnist by Cyril Hanouna
'Finally, it's not okay! You take that away. »

Following this new skid, the LCI channel did not wish to continue working with Sergei Jirnov . Despite his explanations, he was therefore relieved of his functions on LCI from September 14 to 26.

Cyril Hanouna defends his columnist

Before this decision of the news channel, the host of C8 immediately spoke up. For Cyril Hanouna, this choice nothing right .
'I am explaining LCI's methods to you. There's a guy who comes here, whom we discover, who everyone is talking about, they see that it's a hit and the next day, they call him. »

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According to the boss of TPMP , the direction of the chain would not have assumed the ton of this new guest. Even though she recruited him for his particular profile .
'Them, it's all from behind, it's just soft shots.' They call him right after the show: 'Do you want to come to our house?'. He is going. At first he goes quiet and then they tell him, 'You're going to come all the time.' And he comes back here to talk about Putin's statement . And then they tell him, 'Actually, you can't come back because you've been to Hanouna' when they found him at our house. »

To top it off, Cyril Hanouna did not hesitate to do a rather shocking comparison .
“These are people who have no courage. They are like Putin (…) As soon as they come in front of you, they bow to you. When they tell you 'Hello' , you know they're going to fuck you, but when they tell you 'Hello' with a pat on the back, you know they already fucked you. It's that guys like that, it's unbearable! »