Cyril Hanouna papa poule: bowling with his children Bianca and Lino, Internet users under the spell

modified: 2022-12-21 15:07:02

On December 19, Cyril Hanouna made the decision to post a touching video of him and his two children bowling on Instagram.

  Cyril Hanouna papa poule: bowling with his children Bianca and Lino, Internet users under the spell

Let's not forget that alongside his role as host in the C8 program, Touche pas à mon poste, Cyril Hanouna seems to be a true devoted father. A dad hen according to the words of some of his subscribers . Born of his union with Émilie, the two parents have two children . Their daughter, Bianca, born March 3, 2011. And their son, Lino, born May 14, 2012. Accompanied by his 15-year-old ex-girlfriend, Cyril Hanouna does his best to raise his children. Monday December 19, the latter published an adorable video on his Instagram account. Indeed, we then see Cyril Hanouna with his two children, Bianca and Lino. And this, while they are at a bowling outing . A moment of complicity which aroused a wave of comments from the host's many subscribers. We'll explaine everything here !

The chaotic daily life of Cyril Hanouna

As you can imagine, the life of a star is nothing restful. And it is not Cyril Hanouna who will tell you the opposite. In effect, the host of the C8 show continues to chain projects . When he is not on the set of Touche not at my post, the latter also holds the position of film producer. A hectic life that shows many projects and therefore very little free time. In reality, Cyril Hanouna really likes his way of life. Being in constant motion seems to please the animator. However, as you can imagine, Cyril Hanouna still sometimes seeks rest.

When he is not on a set or on the Touche set not at my post, the host likes to find his family. Indeed, the 48-year-old comedian feels the need for a vacation. And this, whether relaxing or lively. Fortunately for him, the production of TPMP wants to impose holidays on the entire team of columnists. And this, a week before Christmas Day. For Cyril Hanouna, it proved a perfect time to recharge with his family. A little free time to enjoy his dear children, Bianca and Lino. The fruit of his relationship with his ex-girlfriend Émilie. On many occasions, the latter has proven his affection for them and the time they spend together.

Cyril Hanouna: « I think everyone liked it »

So when Cyril Hanouna has some free time, it seems that his priority is his two children , Bianca and Lino. On Monday, December 19, during his week off, the host of C8 therefore made the decision to spend some time with his children. Thus, accompanied by several friends, Cyril Hanouna and his children spent an evening bowling. The host therefore published a video on his Instagram account with a very amusing legend for Internet users . « Well, I think everyone liked it “, he wrote below his publication. The latter even mentioned the success of the popcorn that evening. ' They ate more popcorn than they played “, therefore added Cyril Hanouna.

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Internet users have nevertheless pointed out that Cyril Hanouna has not did not want to reveal the score at the end of this bowling evening. Despite everything, the papa poule simply seemed overjoyed to have been able to spend this evening with his friends and his two children , Bianca et Lino. « I can't give the result, but everyone loved it, right? “, he asked, on this video, to the people who surrounded him. Obviously, as you can imagine, everyone has nodded with much joy on their faces. An evening at the bowling which seems to have gone very well.

The reaction of Internet users of the video on Instagram

After the publication of this touching video, Cyril Hanouna received many comments from Internet users. It should be added than the videos of the animator with her two children, Bianca and Lino, are rare. Indeed, since the animator works a lot, he does his best when he spends time with them. In addition, some Internet users have highlighted the charm of Cyril Hanouna in his role as dad . An aspect of the host of Touche not at my post that we do not often see.

Internet users and subscribers to Cyril Hanouna wanted to leave comments under the latter's Instagram post. We can therefore read many kind and caring messages . « They are beautiful your children, Cyril », « They have changed a lot, Bianca and Lino ' or ' Beautiful family, enjoy your children and have a good holiday ».

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