Cyril Hanouna: radical decision by the host, the set from 6 to 7 and TPMP evacuated

modified: 2023-01-07 14:15:02

This Thursday, January 5, Cyril Hanouna decided to evacuate the entire public as well as the columnists for … personal purposes.

  Cyril Hanouna: radical decision by the host, the set from 6 to 7 and TPMP evacuated

In this Thursday's episode, Cyril Hanouna made a somewhat special request . Indeed, he asked almost all the public, as well as the columnists, to leave the set . It turns out that if he asked this, it was simply an opportunity for him to hit on a woman from the public. We'll explaine everything here.

Cyril Hanouna, unleashed

For many years now, Cyril Hanouna has remained at the head of the show Do not touch My TV . And in his shows, he is used to being assisted by his columnists. But this year, the whole team seems ready to make much more personal confidences. And very often, the host seems to let go . And the proof is this Thursday, January 5.

It seems that Cyril Hanouna fell in love with a woman in the audience. So he declares to this beautiful woman that “ You are beautiful Muriel ”. To which the latter responded fairly quickly “ You are very handsome ”. And obviously that was enough to motivate the host to make room on the set to talk to the latter. So he quickly asked all the other people to leave the set. “ Get out, I'm not kidding 'before adding' Everyone, get out. The public too. Everyone get out. Everyone comes out, including the public. I don't give a fuck ”. of course, this is not addressed to Muriel. “ Muriel, you stay but everyone leaves ” and he adds while shouting “ Eat your ass, everyone get out. Can't you see I'm on a lease? Get 'em all out ”.

Alone time

Indeed, if Cyril Hanouna asked everyone to leave, it remains to enjoy a privileged moment with his sweet. But he remains kind to his audience, and he adds “ Thank you darlings for coming, you are loves. Thanks everyone get out ”. But, to motivate them, he adds “ There is a love alert, a feeling alert. Hurry up, love can't wait ”. But in the face of everyone who was taking his time, the host decided to rush them a little. “ I want to be alone with my girl. Thank you, everyone get out. Security get me out everybody ”.

Cyril Hanouna even thinks of them and offers a plan b for people who come. “ Go have a coffee, it's for me. Take whatever you want ”. But once the date finally begins, he declares to his beautiful “ Aren't we better off alone? ”. He adds ' How are you, Muriel? I'm happy to be with you, plus we're alone. When there are too many people, it oppresses me ”. And a little later, the host even offers a dance with the latter. To which Muriel replied “ With pleasure ”. How quickly please the presenter .

But while Cyril Hanouna was finally dancing with his beautiful, the public and the columnists have all decided to resume their places on the set . So a moment disappointing for the host !

Source : TV Star