Cyril Hanouna: the host of TPMP would be extremely wealthy according to an investigation

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While Cyril Hanouna is discreet about his fortune, two journalists have decided to take stock of his impressive fortune.

  Cyril Hanouna: the host of TPMP would be extremely wealthy according to an investigation

The multiple controversies and clashes on the set of “Touche Pas à Mon Poste” are far from discouraging Cyril Hanouna. Indeed, despite everything, he intends to continue his show on C8 . Both adored and hated, the success of the facilitator is undeniable. His reputation allowed him to constitute a comfortable fortune over the years, but how much is his fortune?

The beginnings of Cyril Hanouna

Frenchman of Tunisian origin, Cyril Hanouna was born in Paris on September 23, 1974 . Having become an accountant by training and attracted by the lights of television, he participates in the writing of several popular programs , then co-signed a television series broadcast on France 2 in 1999, 'Sur la vie d'ma mère'.

This period marks the beginning of his rise in the world of television, and he became host and co-host of several shows on cable: “The Big Show” and “Advertising is my great passion”.

At the same time, Cyril Hanouna joins the 6h-9h team of radio NRJ and endorsed, in 2004, the costume of comedian on the occasion of his first one man show 'Cyril Hanouna is a junk'. Building on its success, he played overtime until 2006 .

The following year, Cyril Hanouna launches into production with Virginie Foucault and Bertrand Houard . In 2007, he participated in the creation of the production company H20. He also created “Click and Game Entertainment” in 2010, the company that launched .

Since 2012, he hosts the program “Touche pas à mon poste! » on D8 and C8. On October 6, 2021, Cyril Hanouna published a political essay, 'What the French told me', published by Fayard, co-written with the editorialist Christophe Barbier.

The private life of the presenter

On the private side, Cyril Hanouna no longer seems like a heart to take . At least that's what he confessed.

' I am not single. I'm not single, fine! I'm fed up with all these questions, 'he confessed on the set of' Don't touch my post '.

Father of Bianca and Lino, the animator has been separated since 2019 from his ex-wife Emilie . Since his divorce from the mother of his two children, the host has put his professional life first.

'I'm telling you, I'm not into it. I am at work. Work, work, work,” he said before adding that he doesn’t plan to get back together for a while.

However, soon after, he said the opposite . Who is the lucky winner? Cyril Hanouna did not wish to disclose anything about his identity. He just wanted to clarify:

“Know that my body is not taken but my heart is. I have someone in my head and in my heart.

L'immense fortune de Cyril Hanouna

He spins the perfect love and is at the head of a colossal fortune . It would even seem that Cyril Hanouna does not have to worry too much about inflation. Two journalists from 'L'Informé' investigated and according to their statements, the man would be at the head of a fortune estimated at 85 million euros ! This staggering sum is mainly derived from his actions.

Admittedly, the sale of his company, H20 Productions, to Banijay in 2012, enabled him to pocket a check for fifteen million euros . But he still owns a part of the company, through the 1.7 million shares he bought from the Banijay group. That is the equivalent of 1.6% of the company's capital, and, according to 'L'Informé', its stake should increase to 2.5% by 2024 . A small percentage that carries considerable weight.

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The company FL entertainement (result of the alliance between Banijay and Betclic) is indeed valued, since its listing on the Amsterdam Stock Exchange on July 1, at 2.8 billion euros excluding debt .

“The 2.5% that Cyril Hanouna will hold can therefore be estimated at 70 million euros”, specifies L’Informé.

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