Cyril Hanouna: the secrets of Bertrand Chameroy (C to you) on his departure from TPMP

modified: 2022-12-22 10:45:02

In an interview with Le Parisien, Bertrand Chameroy returned to his departure from TPMP. Here is what Cyril Hanouna's ex-columnist revealed.

  Cyril Hanouna: the secrets of Bertrand Chameroy (C to you) on his departure from TPMP

Two years after resigning from TPMP , Bertrand Chameroy was invited by Cyril Hanouna to return . Unfortunately, his return didn't go as he had hoped . This again forced him to leave.

The reason for his resignation

Bertrand Chameroy served as a columnist in TPMP for four years . Then, because of concerns that he unfortunately was unable to resolve, he resigned.

His departure from the show was a dark episode in his career . He who had dreamed since childhood of becoming a columnist, had to give up his dream . But why did the former columnist of Cyril Hanouna decide to leave his post?

As he revealed at the time, Bertrand Chameroy struggled with his growing notoriety . Besides, he no longer took pleasure in what he did. Resigning was the only way for him to find some stability .

' I enjoyed it. But today, I feel less pleasure when I do the chronicles, I feel less at ease (…) There are some who live very well with the overmediatization but not me, I do not live it very well”, he said live to explain his decision.

At the start, the absence of Bertrand Chameroy was only meant to be temporary . However, since he failed to get better even after taking time off, the columnist preferred to leave permanently .

'We felt tired, close to burnout,' said Enora Malagré when she was asked about this sad episode experienced by Bertrand.

Today, Bertrand Chameroy is doing better. He has managed to get past this story, and likes to officiate in 'C à vous' , on France 5.

Note that during an interview with Le Parisien, the former columnist of Cyril Hanouna had reconsidered his departure from TPMP . He then confided:

“I no longer recognized myself. I preferred to stop there, without having a plan B. But it was the best decision to make. And a real relief”

A return that went wrong

After resigning in 2016, Bertrand Chameroy made his comeback in TPMP two years later . A return that unfortunately came to nothing, since after only 5 chronicles, he once again gave up .

According to the former columnist of Cyril Hanouna, several reasons made his adventure come to an end so quickly . Among these reasons, the fact that he had already said goodbye to the live audience .

Coming back, after what he had done, didn't make sense. thing that he did not understand until much later .

Moreover, after his departure from TPMP, many doubts invaded Bertrand's mind . He thought he was no longer going to find a job, and for several months, the columnist struggled.

“I continued to work in the shadows, but there was a year really without anything. And then you doubt. You say to yourself: ‘I really suck,’ he told Le Parisien in 2021.

Through perseverance, Bertrand Chameroy ended up being recruited by Europe 1 . He now appears every night in C à vous, and even has its own show .

During his interview with Le Parisien, the columnist confided that he had 'never been so happy professionally' .

Cyril Hanouna's columnist falls live

Bertrand Chameroy never stops laughing . Wednesday, December 14 in C à vous, he had a monumental fall which left all his colleagues laughing.

Remember that a few days before this fall, he had already caused big laughs by undressing live on the set . It was on the occasion of the first match of France in the world. Unable to contain his enthusiasm, the columnist decided to do his column 'naked' .

As for the fall, it happened shortly before the match between France and Morocco. The columnists were making their entrance on set when, at the moment of starting, Bertrand falls.

Under the astonished eyes of his colleagues, the columnist could only get up quickly .

Later, when the video was posted on the show's Twitter account , Bertrand, always so joking, commented on it. He then wrote:

“The crusaders, you know? '.

Source : TV 7 days