'Cyril is not rich, he is armored with sorrel': the chroniclers swing the truth about the fortune of Cyril Hanouna!

modified: 2022-09-25 22:02:01

This time, the debate focused on Cyril Hanouna on the set of TPMP. Guillaume Genton revealed the host's fortune.

  Cyril Hanouna

During the number of TPMP of this Thursday, September 22, 2022 , it was Kim Kardashian who was the subject of discussion. Particularly on the very expensive house that the star has just bought. An opportunity for columnists to evoke Cyril Hanouna's fortune .

Cyril Hanouna: Kim Kardashian at the center of the debates in TPMP!

Everything is said on TPMP, viewers always love the very hot debates or the affronts between the columnists . In short, the show by Cyril Hanouna always reserves surprises at each number.

During the unpublished episode of this Thursday, September 22, 2022, it was Kim Kardashian which was the center of discussion. Indeed, Kenny West's wife has just bought the home the most expensive in Malibu. Apparently, the star has treated herself to her new home for 70 000 million dollars .

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Just before talking about Kim Kardashian , Cyril Hanouna launched the debate about Béatrice Rosen. Particularly on the fact that the latter would have had an adventure with Adam Levine .

Nevertheless, Matthew Delormeau who seems to be determined to attack the host, does not want to let go of the matter. So the columnist took the opportunity to talk about the fortune of son patron .

The fortune of the host of TPMP

As long as viewers have known Cyril Hanouna , he never liked people to talk about his fortune. This time around, it looks like the host couldn't escape it. The discussion started when Nino Arial asked a question.

In effect, the new columnist asked Baba if he could have bought the house that Kim Kardashian has just afforded. That his boss simply replied with 'No but, it's overpriced!' »

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In turn, Matthew Delormeau it is share not the opinion of Cyril Hanouna. 'He should work a week what' the columnist quipped with fun. On his side, Guillaume Genton added a layer to what his friend just said.

In effect, the latter is about to reveal a truth about animator . And this, on the real fortune of his boss. Obviously, what he is going to say will make the board react .

Cyril Hanouna: Not very excited about Kim Kardashian's house!

Thus, Guillaume Genton affirmed that Cyril Hanouna 'Isn't rich, he's loaded with sorrel!' '. A statement that could not help but make everyone laugh plateau . On his part, Baba did not really appreciate that he even asked the columnist out. ' I swear not , it's a received idea, 'said the host in his defense. What he went on to talk about the luxurious house that Kim Kardashian just bought.

Apparently, Cyril Hanouna thinks the house is not that exceptional. As he said, 'the swimming pool, I find it small' for a house of 70 million dollars . 'Given the pool...I don't take it,' he said again. And this despite l’explication of Gilles Verdez . The latter tried to convince the host that this price is due to the fact that the house is far away.

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