Dalida: this man who could have saved the singer the day she died

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On January 2, Thierry Ardisson returned to the circumstances of the tragic death of Dalida, icon of the song

  Dalida: this man who could have saved the singer the day she died

Coming from an Italian family, established in Egypt, the beautiful Dalida had a brilliant career in music . She sang in French, as in Italian. And she had many hits to her credit like Child, As Before , or die on stage . Despite all her successes, this great sentimentalist lost her life at the age of 54 , following a drug overdose. Her dresser will find the lifeless body of the singer , May 3, 1987. And the latter had left a note to her brother, to her companion at the time, but also to her beloved public. In his show hotel of time , broadcast on May 2, Thierry Ardisson reveals however that a meeting could have avoided this sad end . We will explain everything to you.

Genesis and journey of a star

Initially, Dalida wanted to become an actress . She held this dream of her admiration for the actress Rita Hayworth. In the 1950s, she was first noticed by winning a beauty contest in Cairo. Then turning in a few films. But when she arrived in Europe, the lack of opportunity leads her to orient herself towards the song .

The Bambino title will mark Dalida's first big hit in 1956 . In the 1960s, she continued to tour Europe. But throughout her career, the singer will not hesitate to try different registers. It appears as as a diva of oriental music, but also as a disco icon . Thus, she can boast of having an extraordinary career path on the professional level.

But, on the heart side, not everything is rosy for Dalida . As she gets older, she fails to find the love she needs. Worse, she saw several dramas, and in particular the suicide of several of his relatives . Moreover, her decision to put an end to her own life can be guessed in several of her texts, throughout the 1980s.

The meeting that could have changed everything for Dalida

Shortly before his suicide, the beauty had however crossed the path of a man , to which she had not remained insensitive. A series of sad circumstances, unveiled by Thierry Ardisson on Buzz TV . “On Dalida, there is something that is incredible, it is that a few days before his death, his suicide, the second, the real one. She meets a very handsome guy at a vernissage, who was called Fernandino Coloretti. And she flashes on him, he flashes on her and they can't talk to each other. Because at the time, there was no cell phone and the person who presented them was in Deauville. So they couldn't see each other. So, for the whole weekend, they don't know how to talk to each other. He says to himself, 'There's only one thing to do, and that's go to her house. And on Monday afternoon, when she's taking her pills, he arrives, he goes to ring the bell and he says to himself: I'm not going to disturb Dalida. »

You will understand, for fear of seeming impolite, Fernandino Coloretti finally did not ring the star's doorbell . A harmless decision, which could perhaps have avoided the death of Dalida, if the courage had pushed him further.

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