Dance with the stars: after Christophe Licata, another dancer is furious with the jury!

modified: 2022-09-28 21:09:03

This Dancing With the Stars contestant was frustrated after a jury openly criticized his partner! The details !

  Dance with the stars

The jury of the program 'Dancing with the stars' does its job well! Proof that they do not hesitate to to comment facing the performances of the professional dancers who follow one another on the stage. However, the opinions of coaches can sometimes be hard to take! The third bounty of the twelfth season aired on September 23 on TF1 . During the show, a candidate known to all received remarks although she tried to do her best. Frustrated, his partner confided in our colleagues from Télé-Loisirs to express his displeasure!

Dancing with the stars 2022: A season rich in twists and turns!

The show Dance with the stars is certainly no longer to present ! It is one of the television programs more followed by the French today.

Besides, entertainment was back Friday, September 23 last for the third bounty of the 12th season. The opportunity for viewers to discover new numbers from their favorite dancers !

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During this highly anticipated episode of Dancing with the Stars, a stage that we have never seen before unfolded. While the participants were still in competition , the couples expressly met in the neighborhood to confront each other in duel !

Unheard of since the beginning of This program ! Among the performances, fans were able to discover some great performances from the Miss France 2021 , Amandine Small!

A candidate who gives 100%!

For Amandine Small , the battle was rude during this episode of Dancing with the Stars. So much so that his risk of being eliminated was high! Indeed, the partner of Anthony Colette found herself in a radical position during the evening.

However, it turns out that luck was on his side ! The beauty queen ultimately continues her adventure in the show !

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Amandine Petit and Anthony Colette faced Carla Lazzari and Pierre Mauduy during duels! the couple did not fail to ignite the dance floor with the stars. So they performed a samba on the song called “Liar” by Camilla Cabello.

The choreography was complex. But the queen of beauty gave her all to prove to the jury what she was capable of! But apparently, it was not enough to conquer Chris Marques, François Alu, Bilal Hassani and Marie-Agnes Gillot .

Dance with the stars: 'Last Friday, I was frustrated'!

Indeed, Amandine Petit was not immune to Remarks during his first performance ! Especially since le jury of Dancing with the stars did not go there with dead hands.

The candidate was critiqued by his lack of femininity, his attacks on the ground as well as his too tense body. The coaches also highlighted his lack of fighting spirit or the position of his chin! Inappropriate criticism that did not fail to annoy his partner, Anthony Colette!

In the columns of Télé-Loisirs, the professional dancer of Dancing with the Stars delivered an interview. The opportunity for the latter to discuss his feelings about these Remarks received by Amandine Petit.

“Last Friday, I was frustrated. I found that the notes and the comments jurors were a bit harsh, ”he said! Before defending his partner: “ She doesn't give up. I have never had in my hands a beginner who gives herself so much ! Nevertheless, the pair must train at 100% to avoid elimination competition next week!