Dancing with the stars: Fauve Hautot annoys with his behavior, Internet users can't take it anymore!

modified: 2022-09-25 12:13:02

A candidate for Dancing with the stars arouses the anger of Internet users. The reasons for this situation are in this article!

  Dance with the stars

TF1 viewers just attended another Dancing with the Stars prime. Apparently, this would have been the third stage of the adventure! For those who missed this broadcast , two emblematic couples of the program fought for the place in the final. One is the exceptional duo of Billy Crawford and Fauve Hautot. On the opposing side, there was Stephane Legar and Calisson . Online polls showed a trend for the second couple. Why ?

Dancing with the stars: The 12th season has many surprises in store for you!

Dancing with the stars is an exclusive for a long time on the first chain . His arrival on the screen stunned more than one! Which means that every year his return to the air is always long awaited!

For this year, many even believed that the show had been neglected by the producers . There has been a delay in announcing its next edition. As it is often said: 'Everything comes at the right time to those who know how to wait'!

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For some time now, the program has returned to embellish the screen of TF1. For this news season , Dancing with the Stars is not back empty-handed. On the contrary, his welcome is very warm!

This competition awaits you with great renewal . By way of example, we have already mentioned the phase of the first selections behind closed doors, the change of the jury and the presenters! Most striking is also the list new candidates !

Even at the center of a controversy, the adventure resumed its course!

Certainly, the changes in Dancing with the stars surprised and get the public talking . That said, nothing prevented the programme to start! On September 23, he arrived at his third bonus without too much difficulty.

So, here the various restructurings retained in the issue ! Following the departure of Karine Ferri, it is Camille Combal who is in charge of exclusivity. Compared to the new rules , you will see all the colors!

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This led to the elimination by forfeit of candidates following: David Douillet and Katrina Patchett as well as Theo Fernandez and Alizée . The latter suffered the harsh judgment of the Dancing with the Stars jury this year. Who are they ?

They are François Alu, Bilal Hassani , Marie-Agnès Gillot and Chris Marques. With their ruthless criterion , these decision-makers have already ousted eight duo of participants in just two primes. At the start, there were 10 of them to join the adventure!

Dancing with the stars: A semi-finalist of this exclusivity arouses anger!

just a few minutes after this release , strong reactions from the internet users . Through these comments, we can see that the target of these attacks is one person.

She is a future Dancing with the Stars 12th edition finalist. Who is this ? She is the one who is in tandem with Billy Crawford . You will have understood: it is Fauve Hautot!

Why does this Dancing with the Stars candidate cause so much discontent? However, it should be noted that this is not the first time she is in the adventure .

Moreover, Fauve Hautot has always been a public favorite . Currently, we see that this is no longer the case! Many think that the production gives him too many favors and it looks like favoritism !

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