Dancing with the stars: season at a discount, the salaries of all participants revealed!

modified: 2022-09-12 14:15:02

Season 12 of Dancing with the Stars made its comeback yesterday! And now an exclusive piece of information from Public turns everything upside down!

  Dance with the stars

We all know that the new season of Dancing with the Stars is about to make its big show to viewers! Like last year, it will present new talents! On the other hand, a situation reversed the conception of the followers of this tv program . Find out the details according to the facts revealed by Public!

Dancing with the stars: Its popularity in France!

For several years, the Dancing with the Stars program has won the hearts of viewers! She is part of emissions the most viewed on the TF1 channel. Especially since its image is preponderant compared to its TV contestants .

In this emission popular, we meet exceptional talents . In particular, candidates who will do everything to launch their career ! Especially since it is indeed a unique dance competition. What are the criteria for enrolling in this program?

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The juries will have to judge the stage performance of all the shock duos. These pairs also present their dance skills to the general public. Moreover, the spirit of competitiveness plays a big part in the show!

The suspense looks good in the program context Dance with the stars. Competitors share strong emotions! Especially since with the juries, they launch their own challenges on the screen!

The program has become a controversial subject!

On the positive side, the show has marked its popularity throughout France! On the other hand, a terrible circumstance spread through the networks as well as the media. Indeed, the salary of the members of the program attracts the curiosity of viewers!

The question arises: do the participants in the show receive a large sum of money? Especially since they expose their talents on the stage! In Dancing with the Stars, the juries are therefore the most victims ! Why ? Their salaries are not up to their expectations.

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In particular, applicants do not also receive the equivalent sum of their talents. The news shocked the fans of the program! Especially since it is a basic system established in all television programs. In addition, the founder of Dancing with the stars does not wish to invest in the fees of the competitors.

The latter's gesture outraged the public! In addition, the juries have already expressed their problems au level du budget ! As a result, the founder of this unpublished edition ignores their request for negotiation. So what would be the future of the program?

Dancing with the stars: The new season is at risk!

After their expectations refused, the new edition of Dancing with the stars looks bad! Audience Revealed the mediocrity of the salary of each . Indeed, this circumstance will first change the design of this show for the viewers. Especially since its image is questioned in every sense of the word!

Dance with the stars : the new cast is devoid of criticism ! The solution has not yet been found for those who want to claim their due. Especially since their motivations will no longer be present on the screen! Of course, we can say that the future of this programme starts to crumble!