Dave recovering: following his fall, he is having a good time away from the capital

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A few months ago, Dave, the singer, had an accident which still has serious consequences today.

 Dave recovering: following his fall, he is having a good time away from the capital

Last January, singer Dave suffered a domestic accident. Since then, the singer still has heavy repercussions that handicap him in everyday life. So faced with this, the latter who has almost finished his treatment to decide to make a decision . Our colleagues from France Sunday were therefore able to talk about this decision. We'll explaine everything here.

Dave, a big fall

Dave remains a big name in French song. He marked a whole generation, if not more, with his songs and his dances. But now, the singer is 78 years old, and almost lost his life in January. Indeed, while he was staying in his Parisian apartment, he had a big fall which could have been fatal to him .

Although the latter did not cost Dave his life, it still had serious consequences. And even now, even though he has almost finished his recovery, he still has sequelae in his senses. But now, he seems more than aware of the risks of domestic accidents. Indeed, after his fall, he had a cerebral hemorrhage and even ended up in a coma for long days. Thanks to the rapid arrival of help, he avoided the worst. But among the consequences, we find the loss of smell and also of taste. And for this lover of good food, it's still hard to live with. He confides to the Parisian that “ Honestly, I would like to be able to taste a good steak again — I'm not a vegetarian, sorry! I would also like to smell the lavender fields again ”.

A still strong trauma

Thus, for the singer, returning to Paris remains difficult. He seems very traumatized by what happened to him last January. So, in the meantime, the latter is resting in his second home, in Provence. And this, with his companion Patrick Loiseau . And anyway, during the holidays, the couple likes to rest in their second home in the Vaucluse. It must be said that Dave's house over there has a lot of charm.

There, Dave gets closer to nature. He admits to the daily La Provence that “ I make my own rosemary bread, I love going to the Isle-sur-la-Sorgue market to buy my tapenade. And once at home, I cook vegetable tians ”. Thus, the couple does not seem to want to return to the capital right away.

Dave would have confided to France Dimanche that in order to no longer experience the bad luck of January, he wants to rest in the Vaucluse. A decision that can also easily be understood . Because, the fall he had and the consequences still present created a trauma in him. He also hopes that his friends and family will make the trip to come see him. Because for the moment, the latter does not yet seem ready to set foot on the scene of the accident .

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