David Hallyday: The women who marked the life of the singer

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David Hallyday is surrounded by a family that loves and supports him. Here are the names of these women who marked the life of the rocker.

  David Hallyday: The women who marked the life of the singer

David Hallyday fans were sad when they heard he won't be touring this year 2023. The artist announced that he was preparing “beautiful surprises” for 2024 . In the meantime, he will enjoy the company of his family.

By his family, we think in particular of the women in his life who make him happy. Father of two daughters, David Hallyday lives a happy marriage with Alexandra Pastor For almost 20 years. Together they had a boy named Cameron Smet.

David Hallyday and Estelle Lefebure

Before marrying Alexandra Pastor in 2004, David Hallyday was married to Estelle Lefebure . The rocker is always on good terms with his ex-wife who is the mother of his 2 daughters.

David Hallyday and Estelle Lefebure met in the late 1980s . They shared a shoot and grew close until they married in 1989.

“We were so close, both physically and mentally (…) In the United States, we were taken for brother and sister so much we looked alike. We had really found the alter ego. recalls Estelle Lefébure.

Their wedding lasted for over 10 years before they separated in February 2001. Despite the divorce, David Hallyday and his ex-wife have kept a healthy and friendly relationship. A decision which was for the good of their daughters Ilona and Emma Smet .

These two children are now 27 and 25 years old. They also have a good relationship with their father . Moreover, David Hallyday can very well count on them. On social networks, they often share moments of bonding with family .

Sylvie Vartan and Laura Smet

The woman who gave birth to David Hallyday is always present his life e. The singer lost his father in 2017, but he can always count on her mother, Sylvie Vartan .

Sylvie Vartan and Johnny Hallyday were married in April 1965 in Loconville . The two artists gave birth to a baby boy on August 14, 1966. One of the most glamorous couples of their time gave birth the rocker that David Hallyday has become .

The couple passed on their love of music to their son. Moreover, David Hallyday and Sylvie Vartan collaborated together in several titles . They even went on stage together. In 1986, the singer had composed songs for his mother.

David Hallyday has a half-sister named Darina Scotti-Vartan . The latter is the daughter of Sylvie Vartan and American producer Tony Scotti. Darina was born in 1997, but the age difference with David did not prevent them from forging a strong bond.

Another woman also occupies an important place in the life of David Hallyday . The artist is close to his half-sister on his father's side, Laura Smet. Together, they had opposed Laeticia Hallyday during the conflict around the legacy left by Johnny Hallyday .

This one has other half-sisters named Jade and Joy. However, he is not in contact with these two girls who are the children of Laeticia Hallyday .

The women he worked with

During his career, David Hallyday collaborated with several women . In 2010 he recorded a duet with Emma Daumas. This singer was in the 'Star Academy' 2002. Together, they sang a song written by Grand Corps Malade.

In 2005, David Hallyday also worked with Anggun on the title 'Guard me' . In 2003, it was with Tina Arena that he collaborated. He composed the title 'Heart of stone' which is in the album 'You are always there' of the singer.

Among the women who marked his life , France Gall was very close to the singer. The death of this artist had greatly affected David Hallyday. France Gall barely died a month after the disappearance of Johnny Hallyday .

Deeply saddened, he shared her sadness via an Instagram post .

“What a difficult end and start to the year!! I will never think back enough to these moments spent with you, France, this beautiful artistic encounter!! What a beautiful person you have been, our conversations about life in general, about music… Thank you! “, he had written.

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