Deal concluded: the confidences of a buyer on the tensions within the program

modified: 2023-02-28 17:21:03

Deal concluded: tensions between buyers? The surprising confidences of one of them on the relations between the buyers.

  Deal done

Monday, February 27, 2023, Damien Tison, one of the buyers of the show Deal Concluded , told reporters from Tele-Leisure that there were tensions between buyers. Although French viewers love the show, some accuse it of ripping off participants.

Deal Done: Criticisms That Don't Go Unnoticed

The famous show Deal Concluded is a real rendezvous adored by French viewers. Indeed, this telecrochet brings together individuals from all over France and gives everyone the chance to sell extraordinary items. In this sense, this show is fun for everyone those who discover it. Experts are constantly teaching us wonderful facts.

Nevertheless, the show is also the sighting of property critiques . Effectively, Deal Concluded is often criticized and suspected of scams. Often, viewers play along and do their research to estimate certain objects. And, most of the time, they discover that the object has a much higher value than that announced in the program.

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Since then , the issue is suspected to scam participants and generates many criticisms about it. However, the show has rarely spoken out about the accusations. Always is that Deal Concluded remains an expected meeting of French fans of the animated show by Sophie Davant .

Besides , Damien Tison revealed that tensions existed between the buyers. Finally, it is not surprising for a committee of people who want to fight to buy an object of great value at the best price.

Real tensions between buyers

Damien Tison looked back on his career in Deal Concluded. Indeed, this Monday, February 27, 2023, he answered certain questions related to the flagship program. Damien Tison entrusted certain information to the journalists of Tele-Leisure. To this end, the 40-year-old antique dealer returned to one of the questions that fans are asking: “ Are there any tensions between buyers during the auction? ».

The buyer of Deal Concluded answered without jargon: 'You have to separate things between what happens on the set and off. On the set, we ignore friendships because it's for the auction that we're here, there are no gifts between us. “, he delivered.

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Indeed, Damien Tison admitted that there could be ' small tensions between buyers because they all want the same item. ' We fight and once the beautiful battle charged with intensity is over, we move on and we remain friends. “, he justified. Nevertheless, the antique dealer Deal Concluded feels an intense pleasure to participate in the show. In addition, it really gave a boost to his career. 'The show allowed me to rediscover the charm of the physical auction. I am also more solicited by people who have seen my interventions and my expertise. The magic of media coverage has allowed me to increase my business volume. ', he said.

In addition, Damien Tison said that he has a good relationship with the participants of the show Deal Concluded. Besides, he gets along very well with animator Sophie Davant . “We are all looking to improve, to be more comfortable in front of the camera and if I have any advice to ask her, she always answers. “, he confided.

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