Dear Oppa: A Shawol from India REVEALS how Minho’s To the Beautiful You made her a huge fan of SHINee

In the current edition of Dear Oppa, Miruthula from India devotes her sweet letter to SHINee. Read her letter listed below.

. . . .Miruthula from India's favourite K-drama is SHINee member Minho's To the Beautiful You . . Miruthula from India will constantly support SHINee no matter what.

SHINee made 2021 a currently unforgettable year for Shawols with not one however 2 effective resurgences. From their Don” t Call Me age to their current Atlantis age, Onew, Key, Minho and Taemin have actually shown to the world yet once again why they stay the untouchable Princes of K-pop, even after 3 members were far from the spotlight for 2 years, owing to their military enlistment. With Taemin just recently revealing his enlistment to the military at the end of May, it’s going to be yet another ‘wait video game’ for the love however the fandom will permanently stay in between SHINee and their cherished Shawols.

Today’s heartfelt letter in our Dear Oppa series has actually been penned by Miruthula from India to SHINee. Read her letter listed below:

Hii I’m Miruthula from Tamil Nadu, India! I initially saw Minho oppa in “To the Beautiful You,” my most fav k-series permanently when it was telecasted in TN channel about 5 to 6 years back. I had a crush on him from then. Given that at that time, I was not conscious of the innovation that much, I didn’t browse about him. As my heart wanted to view my most fav series once again throughout this lockdown, I once again saw it however this time I’m lil developed. I browsed about my fav Minho oppa and familiarized about our remarkable SHINee. I browsed more about SHINee group members and familiarized about our valuable Jonghunaaa. I can’t assist myself from burglarizing tears. I browsed more and saw more videos of our SHINee kids and now I am addicted to them! I will happily state it loud to this world that I am a huge fan of SHINee! I saw Minho oppa on “Excited India” and felt unfortunate for missing out on an excellent chance for satisfying among my fav idol. I like all the SHINee tunes I’m stuck in the loop of “Ring Ding Dong.” The current return of our SHINee “Don’t Call Me” once again ends up being an excellent hit! One day for sure I will pertain to Korea for satisfying my fav SHINee kids. No matter what I will be supporting you constantly SHINee. Oppas saranghae.

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