Dear Oppa: An EXO fan from India considers Baekhyun as a ‘genius idol’ and the sunlight of her life

An EXO-L from India has actually penned a prolonged Dear Oppa letter dealt with to EXO member Baekhyun. She admitted he’s the sunlight of her life.

Over the previous couple of weeks, some charming letters have actually made their method to our inbox. From letters for Start-Up star Kim Seon Ho to letters to Lee Min Ho and BTS, our inbox has lots of love. In the past, we” ve likewise gotten letters to EXO members Chanyeol and KAI. Now, we’ve gotten a letter dealt with to another EXO member. An Indian EXO-L called Sherin Francis has actually connected to Baekhyun by means of our Dear Oppa sector. She remembers the age in which she ended up being an EXO-L and describes how she fell head over heels for Baekhyun.

Read her letter listed below:

To Kpop’s Genius Idol and the sunlight of my life, Byun Baekhyun

2020 was among the harshest and most unforgiving years that the world has actually seen and for a trainee like me whose whole life came to a dead stop with quarantine, lockdown and impeded strategies, I ‘d be the very first to have actually crossed out this year as one unworthy keeping in mind if it weren’t for your presence and all the true blessings you endowed upon your precious Eris or EXO-Ls.

I ended up being an EXO-L in 2015 throughout Call Me Baby age where I was very first totally mesmerized by the video and it was when I enjoyed the mini-drama EXO Next Door that I initially heard your OST called Beautiful where I fell totally head-over-heels for this exceptionally skilled, industrious, dazzling and enthusiastic genius idol. Throughout the years of being an EXO-L, our fandom has actually sustained a number of difficulties and much suffering however what made it all rewarding was constantly you 9 kids who have actually never ever stopped treasuring us, constantly remaining enthusiastic and modest in spite of your cutting-edge accomplishments, and constantly putting your whole souls into providing us music that never ever stops working to make our hearts hurt because very same manner in which it did when I initially enjoyed Call Me Baby or when I heard Beautiful.

It was your voice that took my heart all those years earlier and to this day, it’s a voice that continues to raise my spirits and provides me strength even in the darkest of days and worst of times. The more that I learnt more about you, the more difficult I fall; your ruthless commitment to constantly enhance your abilities even if that indicates taking singing lessons that last method past midnight, your sheer enthusiasm that shines through each and every single efficiency and every lyric that you belt out, the manner in which you have the ability to master any category with your powerhouse vocals, the manner in which you’re constantly striving for your precious fans to provide us the very best of your capabilities and continuously making efforts to interact with us whether it’s with your hour-long Instagram lives or investing hours on Twitter to respond to fans, and naturally, your infectious sense of humour and capability to constantly have us chuckling with your disorderly energy.

Despite being an author, I do not believe I’ll ever have the ability to catch the totality of feelings that you emerge within me even with simply your heart-breaking smile since you shine brighter for me than anybody has with your favorable energy that initially reached me in 2015 and hasn’t release me since. According to EXO’s principle of the members’ superpowers, in some cases I truthfully think that your power of light might not completely be imaginary as I feel your light surrounding me whenever that I see you on my screen or hear you. You are the human personification of heat and sunlight, of joy swelling in my heart and energy flowing through my veins.

This previous year was tiring and especially difficult for everyone however your return in May with your 2nd mini-album entitled Delight and the numerous OSTs that were launched in simply this year alone, every one more recovery than the previous, and your total existence throughout this year by continuously showering us with your efforts and effort in spite of a pandemic that put the world on a dead stop assisted make 2020 bearable and less bleak.

This was the year that I was expected to make a number of life-altering choices that horrified me however your words of “Walk into your worries and grow” echoed in my head like a mantra and I understand that in spite of what takes place, I can continue to look towards you for convenience and strength in the very same method that you’ve been continuously shining your light upon me considering that 2015.

Always supporting you and your 8 bros,

Always glad for the light you originate,

Always grateful for your presence,

Always an EXO-L,

Sherin Francis


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