Decathlon: employees unite in French stores for a raise

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The CFDT Decathlon is on strike. The union demands a better distribution of the company's financial performance.

  Decathlon: employees unite in French stores for a raise

The minimum wage, indexed to inflation, received a revaluation of 1.8%, i.e. 24 euros net per month . Also, during the mandatory annual negotiations (NAO), the management of Decathlon decided on an increase of 24 euros net of wages. However, this increase was just going to be applied to employees who receive less than 2,700 euros gross. Results: a downgrading effect occurred for employees at a slightly higher level at this threshold. Obviously, the latter are overtaken by low wages. The negotiations ended on bad terms. CFDT then launched a call for mobilization . The group asks for a distribution fairer financial performance of Decathlon. The details.

Decathlon employees on strike

The French Democratic Confederation of Labor (CFDT) of Decathlon calls for the reassessment of the minimum wage of January 1 be applied to the wages of the employees. It's exactly the same story. prompted company employees to go on strike in autumn 2021.

Last Saturday, Decathlon employees launched a call for action . This day was not chosen at random since it is the first weekend winter sales . Sébastien Chauvin, CFDT union representative, explained that the employees just wanted a better salary .

'There is a towing operation to customers in front of the Herblay store, as well as a call for a walkout at the start of the afternoon,' he said.

Other stores joined the cause , namely, those of Aubagne, Lille, Mérignac, Metz, Petite-Forêt (near Valenciennes) and Rennes.

“It is quite well received by customers. We were very well received. Customers were surprised by the amount of our net salaries and by the discrepancy between Decathlon's image and reality,” said the union representative.

According to this, the movement already has nearly 500 participants on their side . This number represents employees scattered in less than 100 stores.

“Some mobilized employees were not working today. They were therefore not considered as strikers, but they were present by our side. We called on store employees, around 10,000 people in total, to mobilize. We would have liked to mobilize more, but we are in an interview period and some have feared for their individual increases,” he said.

A necessary action to “rebalance the scales”

The CFDT calls for a fair distribution of financial performance between employees and shareholders. The group notably pointed to the 400 million euros in dividends paid in 2022.

The sporting goods distribution company which belongs to galaxie Mulliez has majority shareholders such as Auchan, Boulanger and Leroy Merlin. However, it should be pointed out that the CFDT is not in the majority with Decathlon .

“We were asked to make a considerable effort in 2020 and 2021 to deal with Covid-19, in a context of a sharp drop in the workforce. We had record results, and that continued in 2022. We did the job, to the point of exceeding the objectives. And for that, we don't even have the impact of the rise in the minimum wage for everyone and no review clause in 2023! Employees therefore lose purchasing power,” revealed Sébastien Chauvin.

This is the reason why they ask to 'rebalance the scales' between shareholders and employees. They thus claim “the systematic repercussion (of increases) of the SMIC” and find “3% gain in purchasing power”.

What does Decathlon say about this case?

'This moment of mobilization, initiated solely by the CFDT union, is surprising for the brand, which, aware of the problems of purchasing power of its employees, has taken various measures in 2022 in order to best support them in an economic context. tense, ”defended Decathlon.

According to the company, efforts have already been made on this subject .

Decathlon management claims to have already “significantly increased the salaries of its employees” , in January 2022. There is talk “from 9% to 9.8% for employed colleagues and supervisors” and “7.4%” for executive employees.

But according to Chauvin, this number just shows how low the salary level is.

“75% of the workforce is between the SMIC and 100 euros above, so when the SMIC increases, it raises these salaries. We just maintained the existing level,” he added.

As a reminder, in one year, the SMIC was revalued by 7.36% . In this case, this increase in 2022 is similar to the automatic revaluations of the SMIC , due to inflation.

To fully discuss the problem, the shop steward will meet with the management of Decathlon . According to the latest news, this meeting should take place on January 24th.

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