Decathlon has a nice surprise in store to reward customers' purchases and good deeds!

modified: 2022-09-27 21:35:01

In addition to encouraging people to consume more, Decathlon is building customer loyalty with a new concept. We give you the details!


Decathlon is best known for the sale of accessories, clothing for sports, but also tools for leisure, etc. The brand is very popular for the quality of its articles, which is growing day by day. Millions of loyal customers all over the world buy Decathlon products. This time around, the brand is getting a bit more involved, not only for the planet , but also for the well-being of its customers.

Decathlon: Committing to customers!

Since 2017, many people have committed themselves in their daily lives to protecting the planet. Likewise, more and more of us are now opt for the brands engaged . This is why Decathlon has decided to follow the ideology of its consumers.

Decathlon then begins by offering its followers rewards on their purchases . And above all, the French brand will take into account their good gesture in relation to the protection of the planet. Clearly, Decathlon customers will have loyalty points for each purchase. They will get even more points if they do something for the planet. And this, in particular with the purchase of articles with recycled materials or even to buy just the essentials, etc.

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And that's not all ! Decathlon encourages its customers to play sports. Yes, to do sport ! This is not for the purpose of selling more items, but it is above all for the well-being of the latter. It is an engagement that is out of the ordinary and that seems to interest many more people. And this especially for the youngest consumers.

A gesture for oneself, a gesture for the environment, Decathlon rewards everyone . It's a great way to thank its customers for all these years. And for the continuity of the group, it's even better.

How is it going ?

Who wouldn't like to receive gifts ? Especially if it comes from one of our favorite stores. For the pleasure of its customers, Decathlon is setting up a new loyalty system. A technique based on a purely environmental and sporting commitment.

If you are more into buying, know that the loyalty program at Decathlon allows you to accumulate points. For the purchase of a product, you earn 10 points . If you give feedback on a Decathlon product (positive or negative), you will also get 10 points.

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If you are engaged in sports, you win big. Decathlon offers you 100 points for one hour of sport . It is also 100 points for those who buy eco-designed or second-hand products .

All these nice gestures encourage customers to be loyal to the brand. But it is above all a question of actively participating in the protection of the planet.

Decathlon: How to use its rewards?

The procedure for exchanging points is actually very simple. As soon as you have received your points, you can redeem for gift cards . You have the choice to use them immediately or to let them accumulate for even more advantages.

Regarding gestures for the planet and the sport moment, Decathlon enters into partnerships with several sports halls. This makes pointing your card easier. So why still hesitate? L' taught , gives you everything, sports equipment, a good reduction in partner sports halls, but also by your good gesture for the environment.